• Rapradar needs to start posting PlayWryte’s stuff…mac’s already fading.

  • Man

    This is pure trash. A scrawny college white boy trying to rap.

  • i havent liked Mac since KIDS but this is narsty

  • ohyeah

    Hey guys its the white wiz

  • Reece

    This sucks so hard 🙁 think of new subjects to rap about other than the fact you smoke weed like a badman and you earn money just like everyone else. sellout wanker, you need to think of fresh shit.

  • how do you post videos in comments?

  • dev

    why are yall hating? sure he could went in a little harder but the beats hot and he spits

  • Donn



  • Donnie

    this beat goes hard nd Mac killed it

  • damn

    mac with the beatles sample this is smooth

  • JustMyOpinion

    Say what you want about this dude: He’s INDEPENDENT and still putting numbers up.

    In today’s age, rappers STILL want to be major…why?????????????

  • The song is coo.. The beat bang tho.. Follow me @TheRealArrogant

    New West Coast!! “Rap Niggas Aint Shit To Me” via #soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/arrogant-1?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=twitter&utm_content=http://soundcloud.com/arrogant-1

  • LowDownDirtyShame


    It helps when he is on an established indy label that just got a big knot of money from/for wiz khalifa. most indy rappers are stuck online spamming message boards with all their wackness like here.

  • Slowbot10

    bump what yall talking about…this shyt knocks…

  • Bro

    Who does he think he is this is super lame not impressed Mr. Miller

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  • def

    It’s funny the criteria of what good music is
    1) how many records are sold
    2) if the beat is hot

    Lyrics somebody want lyrics

  • Alex

    I hope he gets the shit sued outta him for that Beatles sample.

  • This nigga is so OVERRATED lol…..

  • Hakim

    INDEPENDENT kid doin his thing .Fucks it matter to you what he sayin.
    Like it or not ,he shows no signs of fading consistent mixtape grind and new
    records are what keep the kid afloat. GRINDIN if you ask me.

  • Edwin

    Kinda Starting To Like Mac Miller A Lil Bit but I’m Doing The Same, Paying For My Own College N Being An Artist…EVERY1 Listen To The


    i’m not understanding what’s not to like about it? other than the fact he’s not black, and that’s the dumbest reason possible not to like someone musically. i can name about twenty rappers that would give a sub-par delivery to this same production and some of you would’ve swore it was gospel.

  • MadCat Parish

    Let me just say, this is the $#!^.

  • Belize

    this beat is bananas..flow is nasty…dunno what he sayin but i fux with it

  • Gambino

    I’m glad the Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds sample at the beginning was completely irrelevant

  • Get Real

    This is 3rd Mac Miller song I like. Seems to be getting better.

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  • Drock

    dope, why isn’t this on my radio?

  • Who cares what these fake ass Hip-Hop fans like they know nothing about rap or music at all, I don’t think Mac would be a professional music artist if he sucked so bad what are you doing right no probably being some ones little bitch right now in the streets, and are you guys hating he’s a college white boy what I’m black and I still think he killed it this shit was dope take your ass some where else if you’re going to listen to the song and talk shit about he must not suck if you guys clicked to play one of HIS songs or typed his name, now respond and I will ignore I don’t care for negativity I’m too mature for idiots who know nothing about REAL music.

  • Yeah like I said before this song is dope as fuck he killed it, maybe his old stuff wasn’t poppin but all his new stuff is hype as fuck I fucks with it his flow flows like water.

  • shit was killer

  • all u shitheads r fuckin faggots i bury ur shit in the ground like fuckin maggots. pathetic rappers can write shit ur all to busly blowin dick to spit.