Shots Fired Outside Nipsey Hussle Show

Bullet’s aint got no name, but last night, 13 people were shot outside an Arizona nightclub to see Nipsey Hussle. Nip didn’t perform, but tweeted the statement above. No arrests have been made, but police are in search of two suspects.


UPDATE: Nipsey releases a statement:

My deepest thoughts and sympathies go out to the victims and their families who were affected by the tragic event that took place last night in Arizona, and I pray for the speedy recovery for anyone involved.

Contrary to current media reports, it’s important note that these shootings did NOT happen inside a venue, concert, or show in which I was booked to perform, and at the time of the incident, I was in my hotel room.

I grew up on the streets of south central Los Angeles and have witnessed many tragedies in my lifetime.  I never glorify any situation like this and think it is disgusting.  Any fan of my music knows that I strongly oppose gun violence, and that I represent nothing but peace and progress through hard work… that anyone can overcome adversity no matter what your social status in life, which is clearly addressed on my latest release, “The Marathon Continues.”

Many people will wrongfully attribute this incident to the hip-hop culture, which is purely and simply false. The alleged shooters were not ticket holders for my performance. Regardless, this incident is a tragic reminder of the circumstances that face our community every day, and my heart and prayers go out to the victims of this, and all the other senseless acts of violence occurring every day in our communities.


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  • Going to an ex-gangbanger’s show at an all ages venue in a state where people carry guns like the rest of the nation carries cell phones? Hell naw!

  • Black Shady

    13? wtf

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  • M.T


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This would’ve never happened at a Drake show.

  • teamobama

    @ZoomZoomDad-Otis and that s good thing who wants to be to a club to get shot at

  • Kemosabi

    First comment nailed it

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  • Teamxbs

    @Zoomzoomdad dude that’s an ignorant comment.

  • Jaediggity

    @Zoomzoomdad hahahahaha lmfao

  • DMX did it.

  • Digga C

    Innocent lives getting taken away
    While famous people spend money on pointless things. Houses with 20 rooms when its a family of 4, drinking drinks at the price of $20.000 and up. buying hublot watches when you already own one that cost 100.000
    Why is life so fucked up

  • Y2h300

    @Zoomzoomdad-Otis you are such a pinhead, a perfect example of why the black community is still struggling, so you are supporting violent and ignorance.. After 13 people are shot? Do you know families and kids of those 13 victims are suffering right now? This kid smh

  • Y2h300

    @Zoomzoomdad-Otis you are such a pinhead. so you are supporting violent and ignorance.. After 13 people are shot? Do you know families and kids of those 13 victims are suffering right now? This kid smh

  • Stop

    That asthma won’t get them but them bullets will

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Y2h300. Im NOT supporting Violence or ignorance. Im only stating a fact about the “Drake” thing. Its crazy that people that cant enjoy themselves at a club. You a few bad apples have ruin it with malice. I hope they catch the fools that did the shooting.


    It’s reported that 13 people were injured. SMH


    Its time ARTIST speak on sum more progressive topics to elevate the way the listener think…Life imitates ART B.I.G. was ready 2 die & Pac saw death around the corner.In this case Bullets got no name,I’m a Fan of Nipsey hopefully this inspires him ARTistically to inspire minds towards more thoughtful was to settle difference.




  • It’s sad to hear but honestly you have to know Nipsey has seen this before. He does represent a major gang in California and Arizona isn’t much different. Hope nobody is seriously injured for life.

    MY BLOG:

  • WOW…we as a people must do better.

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  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Thats unfortunate for you Nipsey, but i can guarantee your show had ALOT to do with this shooting whether you were present or not.

  • its lucci!

    Tmc continues… arizona they wanna b like compton… $dj quik$

  • All bad, niggas cant even go to a concert!!! Follow me @TheRealArrogant

    New West!!!! LISTEN———> Snap Back ft Ant via #SoundCloud

  • Michael Apple
  • Y2h300

    @Zoomzoomdad you are not stating any facts nigga, you are a hating troll. Forgot a shooting in Chicago after Drake’s show? Peep the above link^^

  • michaelg

    ugh…yo, does anyone notice that Nipsey stated that the venue was’nt one he was booked at? or i guess the power of the headlines can capture a really unintelligent peoples…..

  • Mine Is Never YourS

    @michaelg.. The stated was updated later but anway mr smartie could you not have said the same thing too if you know you are about to lose money off tour? I mean you are so intelligent that you can’t add one plus one? Your Venue here and a shooting outside


    Nice work with this, Nipsey. Spread love, not violence.

  • Police

    Again, we are looking for 2 black men wearing dark clothes. Please call the 9-11 if you spot anyone matching the description.

  • Damn, thats too bad… Nipsey fans, check out my review of TMC


    Such tact ! im imressed, this statement “Nip Huss” just released shows exactly why i fuck with him, that nigga on that other shit, that professional bossed the fucked up, get money and fuck the bullshittype a shit #disciplineGangsta


  • mac DIESEL

    ……NIGGAS!!! SMH!!!!


  • See what Im Saying nigga????

    Anything to do with LA niggas shit like this happens . Dam I need a drink im thirsty!