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  • damn

    hodgy’s tape was fire if you like good lyrical rap with dope beats check it out dont hate just cause he’s in odd future

  • Your Father

    YN’s trying so hard to fit in with OF…cussing more than usual and all.
    It’s hilarious. What do you expect from the nigga who got a mohawk in his 40s. LOL

  • YN

    Ha! I feel sorry for Your Father.

  • smh

    yn is a fucking dick…..
    YN: ahahahahahahah “you really got a thing for asians huh?”
    Hodgey: “nigga I am asian….Im black n asian”
    YN” oh ahahahahaha I forgot ahahahahah

  • Too Fuct

    Yawn/ sleep/zzzzzz

  • Dujay

    YN making me cringe more than usual.

  • Damn I gotta take a shit.LOL wasn’t OF dissing rapradar?
    Redman and Loch on that loud pack.Collab coming soon: http://youtu.be/6zQpkq3fH_s via @youtube

  • FlocKaveLLi

    that was just uncomfortable to listen to with YN trying to act like a youngin cursin and shit.

  • TROLLiver

    OF was dissing 2dopeboyz and Nah Right.

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass


    Dont Quit Your Day Job

  • Brian Young

    Download Monica & Brandy ‘s new single “It All Belongs To Me”. Now on Itunes: http://bit.ly/xn1nTk . It’s soo good seeing these two working together.

  • “YN’s trying so hard to fit in with OF…cussing more than usual and all.” – I was thinking tha same thing lol nigga was trying super hard.. he tryna be the new flex

  • Church Daddy

    Is it just me or does Hodgy sound shaky as fuck?

  • Shortbusrapradarfans


    No, he has to take a duece and probably has other shit on his mind or he is high like always

  • Kato

    Cant Wait!! funny interview , follow @SkaleJames216 ; http://snd.sc/zw21Vc

  • the void

    the kid hodgy has a kid? lol this nigga is a kid himself. the nigga was running around hollywood yelling out wolf gang to everybody he can across and nothing else. his poor kid. both of them.

  • bobbyhill

    YN is a clown lol. “Muthafucka….nigga………..muthafucka”. You’re cool.