• UnkutOnline

    Honestly is anyone really interested in this cafe dude? When French has the best verse you know it really sucks.

  • Dat New

    Shakedown been coming soon for 10 years. lol!

    @unkut NOBODY CARES!!!

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  • fastflipper

    they all suck

    and a clean version of a video is horrible

  • Joe Nasty

    i have no idea what 2 Chainz or Montana said in this song because ever other word was censored

  • LowDownDirtyShame

    Cafe been out since the 90’s and I know nothing about him except that he used to make better records. Now he just copies trends. He has made no fan connection in all that time and the high schoolers never heard of him. He got an old man 30 plus fanbase. Any rapper is doomed without the kids knowing who you are.

  • LowDownDirtyShame

    clean video for the net sucks

  • Edwin

    Wait I was gonna listen to this but someone said French has the best verse? I’ll pass…
    Everyone listen to the
    OFFICIAL Stay Schemin BOSTON Remix

  • GameHipHop

    French’s verse is better than your though lol!

    I bet you some genius said put out the clean video and we give the dirty to worldstar. Idiots always trying to reinvent the wheel.

  • Black Shady

    Red Café is so wackkkkkkk

    French is super average…and i’d rather listen to french lol

  • GameHipHop

    We don’t like Diddy. Not since BIG was alive. Next…

  • ATL_XL

    this sucks.

  • ATL_XL

    Rap Video Handbook:

    1. Get a big hat, some big glasses, gold chains, girl-tight jeans
    2. Non descrip video chicks doing nothing
    3. car or two
    4. same guests in background that are in everyone else’s video
    5. don’t be original. keep doing the same thing over and over


  • Young lucci fan base

    This song put you in thAt zone you feel me. My nigga caf felt hisself on that hook

  • Me!

    2 Chainzzzzzzzzzzz!!