• Oh Boy


  • D


  • phraynkh

    This will be epic

  • Tay

    YESSSSSSSS! I’ve been waiting for this. About to DL this right now.

    Never miss another Air Jordan release date again.


  • Truth (The real one)

    My life is complete….for now 🙂

  • poetic assasin

    yes, just before i left the house

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  • Get Real

    God bless Big K.R.I.T. and all his musical endeavors.

  • Edwin

    bout to listen to this dude for first time,
    And everyone Listen To The
    Called STAY BEANIN!

  • Converse

    Music this good make a nigga think he stealing? lol

  • Chubby

    This mixtape is better then you think it is…. instrumentation is superior to most if not all…. its not beats. Its instrumentation.

  • MVP

    Nothing is fucking with this mixtape.

    He is so consistent when it comes to his music.

    LFTU is gonna be GOAT.

  • FTW

    got it, thx

  • don won

    pimp c would be proud

  • Pissed

    Remind me again why Def Jam is not pushin this guys music like crazy??? KRIT never disappoints.

  • Stack13

    Just listen to this from the top to the bottom. Dude put a complete album as free mixtape. Content nice, music awesome. This man put out a great freaking mixtape and again he did this for free. All you guys trying to be rappers, work on your craft and dont put out music just to put it out. Great Mixtape KRIT, when the album comes I will be buying it.

  • RuDi O.

    Solid ass mixtape, thanks again KRIT

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  • The Truth

    Now this is how niggers are supposed to make music.

  • Woooooooooooooo Krit the Best still got Return of 4eva and Krit was here on Rotation

  • Cooper

    If “Live From The Underground” sucks, I will not blame KRIT. I will blame Def Jam. This dude has made 3 straight mixtapes in consecutive years that have not only been album-quality, but probably top 10 RELEASES of the year in each of those years. That covers commercial and mixtape releases. It is actually heartbreaking that he has not been considered as one of the best in the game right now. The only artist that matches his consistency and growth right now is Kendrick. Shit’s ridiculous. Hopefully Sha Money fends off the suits and lets your man do what he does… make them Country Rap Tunes.

  • Temptation. Man this shit CRACK! Where my pipe @

  • #11. ) Down and Out samples Lonnie Liston Smith – Bridge Through Time http://youtu.be/SowYGj5mfS0

  • #13.) Temptation samples Half Pint – Boom and Hydraulic

  • RC

    This mixtape is fire.

  • dmfslimm

    them q tip drums on # 3.

  • Mr.Alfred

    amazing.. album material & hustler of the year

  • Aggie Pride

    My Favorite Track is “Country Rap Tunes”

  • M.T

    This mixtape is tooo dope.

  • Boom


  • hip hop is dead

    i was going to kill myself but this gave me one more reason to……. live

  • Koma

    Shit is tight. Better than return IMO. Not that return is bad.

    He ain’t quite Kendrick but he’s damn close as far as potential savior of the art form. If k.dot falls off somehow then it falls on krit to keep real rap alive.

  • the void

    i like krit but this shit was kinda boring.

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  • Luther

    KRIT is my fave out right now. This CD is crack. He 3 for 3!!! way more consistent than ppl like Cole, ASAP etc…they aint got nothing on KRIT. Let’s be honest

  • leafy

    4eva N A Day > The throne

  • Rozay .

    “Red Eyes” makes me want to cry.

  • bah


  • Santa

    yo his hooks are garbage

  • Able Danger

    Def Jam trippin. Pure talent right herrre mane.

    3 for 3.

  • Collar Cali

    This shiii should have been for sale. It was on point! I love this dudes music & the fact he does everything himself made it that much sweeter!

  • This is my joint!!!!

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  • D!A!E!

    ONLY 46 COMMENTS!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!? WTF!? I literally cried my eyes out when I heard “Yesterday.” it made me miss my cousin that passed…every other track on this mofo is fucking FIRE! I honestly felt bad listening to this “mixtape’ without buying it 1st….When Big K.R.I.T. does drop his album, good or bad, I WILL be buy three of them bitches, just to say thank you for the “mixtapes” he’s put out, that are better then most albums out now, PERIOD.

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