XXL Staff Explains Freshman 2012 Class

This morning, Editor-in-Chief Vanessa Satten and XXL Staff members Jayson Rodriguez and Carl Chery appeared on Hot 97’s morning show to explain their choices for this year’s freshman class as well as why A$AP Rocky declined and Chip Tha Ripper’s absence.


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  • They’re still doing this…

  • Brandon

    KING LOS doesn’t need this list.

  • Donn

    They do have a point, ppl strive to get on that Freshman Cover, you guys can criticize it all you want but everytime they drop that cover everyone has an opinion and everyone reacts. If no one cared about it then it would have faded away but there are aspiring artists who say “Yea I’m gonna get on that cover next year”.

    As far as A$ap not being on the list, I can feel what XXL are saying that they have to have everyone in one spot for one photoshoot and the fact A$ap couldn’t get there for the photoshoot is a slap in the face for even considering him as dope as he and his crew is. Why make all other 9 artists suffer because A$ap didn’t make the list.

    As for their choices, no matter who they chose everybody is going to have their own opinion. This is why making lists in Hip Hop is stupid period. Cus everyone is going to feel their favs should be on the list and it divides the genre. Separating the fans and making ppl pick sides rather than unifying the movements. Just my opinion

  • Chris

    The EIC of XXL is an old white woman? Oh fuck…

  • The advertising and the content make any publication or blog stay alive. People need to understand that sometime magazines or blogs do fuck shit on purpose, so we the people keep them relevant. If we don’t like what these blogs or magazines have to say boycott them

  • Anon DCPL


    cool story bro

  • Anon DCPL

    anyways tho, who the fuck still buys magazines?

  • Brutally Honest

    BLAH, XXL is irrelevant at this point in my eyes

  • Rosenberg is keeping it REAL right now!

  • matt goldman

    Rosenberg is right. they can’t make the cover shoot and that disqualifies them? fuck is that about? So you’re saying if kendrick lamar had had a previous commitment and couldn’t break it, or yela or krit were on a european tour or something than they wouldn’t have been freshman? shit is stupid.

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  • Mj

    No kirko was bull

  • PAP

    hmm soo vanessa is the woman 50 fucks to get the cover of XXL….not bad

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  • Ridalen

    Kirko aint nothin but a fake drake

  • Sam I Am

    Am I the only one who is genuinely annoyed when that “Drank in my Cup” song comes on with it having the Aaliyah flow the whole song?

  • rpp


  • karma

    wow… I’ve never felt so disillusioned in my life. I am entirely convinced that I know more about hip hop than every single person representing XXL. Thank you, Peter Rosenberg, for revealing them all to be the retarded punks that they are. Oh, and FUCK that dyke bitch.

  • chris

    paul rosenburg is one of the few hip hop DJs keepin it real…the rest of yall are dickriding

  • drew

    When did XXL become the Source? XXL is so molested by record labels.

  • FlocKaveLLi

    I have just gained so much respect for Rosenberg. that dude kept it real and spoke his mind just like he did about clown ass nicki. that list is awful im sorry, theres maybe 1-2 creative dudes in there carving out their own lane. danny brown and mayyyybe hopsin. the rest are just trash. love how they called out chip tha ripp too for lying. hahhaha

  • justthefacts

    rosenberg hahaha yes….

  • ami

    these are the people running xxl? unreal. and i appreciate rosenberg for speaking his mind, but he needs to get out of NY once and a while…

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  • fff

    i keep looking at this post… if it was a good cover there wouldnt be the need to explain the cover… and xxl knows that… fucken jokers

  • DickRiding YN

    A lame Jew telling a white woman with a receding hairline about hip hop. I’m not even sure what to say.

    Fuck YN ! Lame ass big head, fake gangster. When is one of these so called “proud African-Americans” going to smack Elliott Wilson for his flagrant use of the world “nigga”
    that dude ain’t gully, black or real. He ran from Benzino when that studio gangster came to his offices in the XXL days smh
    FUCk you YN

  • firealarm

    LOL at people acting like XXL’s lists are irrelevant.

  • HK

    Chris says:
    Monday, March 05 2012 at 11:10 PM EST
    “The EIC of XXL is an old white woman? Oh fuck…”

    ^LOL! Not feeling her either.

    Bottom line the list aint right its wack. F the photo shoot. the right artists should be on the list or the list isn’t relevant.

  • HK

    …the XXL team are clueless. Same folks that had Donis and Pill in the cover two years ago. There’s no way Action Bronson isn’t on that cover. Ridiculous…that said ‘Tony Montana’ is my joint, lol

  • What Rosenberg said is very TRUE, the program directors of Hot 97, BET, MTV, XXL all promote dumb watered down music instead of anything with substance………Cali Swag District gets more play than Lupe Fiasco on every station in America and Lupe was grammy nominated………

  • get bucks

    @ DickRiding YN

    YN will slap fire out u boi…

  • Sean C.

    The fact that we allow XXL, a publication that no one even reads, to be the main discussion of who will make it in a current year is despicable. http://www.rapsandings.com