Drake Brings Out LoveRance In L.A.

Meek and Jermaine weren’t the only acts Drake brought to the USC stage last night. LoveRance stepped up to the plate and performed his Bay Area-based hit, “Up”. Let’s get dirty, college kids!

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  • Collar Cali

    He really did it for the west with this one… proving he still keeps his ear to the streets…

  • Donn


    Haters keep losing cus all their favorite artists fuck with Drake

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  • 7z5Say&what!

    cosign Donn. Aint no fucking with Drake, nigga is packing Arenas and got billboard on its knees. YM

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  • Tucq

    Personally I think Drake’s the biggest rapper right now. No disrespect to Ross @ all. Its because Drake has proven album sales and Ross doesn’t yet.

    I suspect Ross will have a big seller on his next cd, though….

  • Tucq

    and that “Up” song is that cut right now…………….Don’t front.

  • Jager

    You cant say drake dosent spit, i mean you dont have to respect him as a gangster, but hes not really trying do be that.
    erryone should fuckx with drake, this is his SECOND real album and hes already outsold and out shined like 60% of the rap game… gotta respect that shit