New Video: L.E.P. Bogus Boys “Faces”

The streets of Chicago are treacherous. And as always, the L.E.P. Bogus Boys give their account from the frontlines. Here’s their video directed by Corey Davis.

What was the main inspiration for this video?
Well how today’s youth all around the world just indulges into crime and not knowing the consequences of their action is fucked up, and before they know it its to late. It also touches on kids growing up to fast and losing their young life’s to fast, but from a tuff love point of view.

How do the visuals tie into the message and theme of the song?
 The video shows you them commenting these acts,and how it could cost them there lives but they were spared just maybe they can take a different approach to life,The video kind of says everything the song does.

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  • kingBENNY

    Whoever wrote that interview transcript can’t spell for shit.

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  • Get Real

    ^^^^ WORD!!!! B.Dot know he could’ve looked out and spelled check for them boys before he posted the transcript. LMAO.

  • Brian Young

    It’s good to see Brandon Hines getting back in the studio. View his new single “Yes You Are” under #Epic Records.

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  • Your Life Is a Lie

    This is what street rap needs to be about, not that fake cop Rick Ross fantasy bs glamorizing shyt like its cool to be locked up for life like Meech and Hoover

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  • ocdnyc

    I like how they referenced Nas. How he gave his chain to the dude on the bench. Similar to his verse on One Love…”We was chillin’ on these benches where he pumped his loose cracks”, “Left some jewels in his skull that he can sell if he chose” and that scene in Belly…. Love this shit

  • mac DIESEL



  • Your Life Is a Lie

    They killed the you tube account, no need to wonder why