• What a joke….

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  • JustMyOpinion

    When this rap thing don’t work out, at least we know he got a side hustle. Get ’em Vick.

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Why The Hate?

  • Loaded

    You see where is J.Cole? losing again… damn

  • Mag

    fuck peta. C’mon Flocka can’t you do this for the humane society or something instead?

  • Gambino

    You’re gonna hate on a guy for supporting animals? smdh

  • Black Shady

    who cares

  • Mic on

    @Mag. I am not a fan of Wacka.. but you gotta be outrageously fucked up to hate on this. I respect some protecting animals way more over protecting people any day, only because animals can not protect themselves against human society abuse, people can speak up for themselves at least.

  • Cray Fish

    Waka Flocka Flame one hood ass nigga.

  • What If The Dog Crippin Waka ? I Have To Be As Ignorant As He Is …I All About The Pets But Im Pro Human first …..That Nigga Promotes Gang Banging …But I Guess Being Blood If Different Now Kissing Men Girl Pants and Peta

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  • Nova

    I was weak when I saw this but hey, its for a good cause. It’ll look good on his resume. Great move Waka

  • Donn

    Hating on this is just pointless. What does not liking his music have to do with the dude trying to do something for a cause

  • Why he look like that dog he holding.. Good movie tho… Follw me @TheRealArrogant

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  • damn

    niggas hate just to hate . succesful niggas too busy to hate

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    @ damn

    You said it

  • Tiiz

    Flcoka luh da animals.

  • Tiiz

    (Damn, spelled Flocka wrong)

  • damn

    that being said this ad was pretty corny shout out brick squad doe KY engineering whatup

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Those Dogs Have Better Homes Than The Haters On Here lmao

  • BrainDrain

    This is awesome, anyone who supports animal rights is at the next level.
    supporting peta is a testament to one’s capability of caring for all life.
    +1 wacka flocka 🙂

  • Digga C

    Faggots hating on Waka for doing something good in this world.
    Stop acting like your hood..hood people don’t have time to go on the internet and rant.

  • D-Boy

    We all know his only doing it for some money but still most rappers wouldn’t do it cause they would be scared it would fuck up their image so i respect him for that but all his industry friends Montana William Diddy all where Fur

  • Alex

    PETA is pretty fucked up though.

  • Stop

    After watching this I will definitely think twice before beating my dog


    too bad no one gives a shit about dogs

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This should be his new album cover. BARK SQUAD !!!

  • PAP

    I wonder if PETA is gonna make him beef with his boy French for wearing a bear on his head for the XXL cover lol

  • De elephant n de room

    This guy raps about shooting and killing niggas but wants us to care about dogs…gtfoh…white folks crazy on this one.

  • Mars

    this dude soft as shit

  • realtalk

    is there anyway i could get a large poster of the ad shown above? i would hang that up.

  • Get Real

    Waka wins.

  • @war22

    ok i love animals 2…but this doesnt mean this guys is legit…far is i know he’s trash,he doesnt belong in music in general, not only hiphop,he’s retarded,and he;s not wining shit…let him put out an album he aint gonna sell more then 300k…i dont give 2 flying fucks if he makes money and shit…just stay the fuck away from music thats all i care real talk

  • Beaming

    This is a prime example why our people will never prosper. Look at all the gate on here for a guy who’s doing something good. Smh

  • Rajon chrondo

    Ima ride ima ride for my mothafucking dawgs

  • Hater1.

    Doing something good is donating your money to a deserving charity. Doing something good is helping a well deserved poverty stricken family, doing something good is putting work in for your community, but all this nigga does is bring random acts of violence to the innocent people in his community. Doing something bad would be having anything to do with this fake ass human despising, beastiality loving ass fake shit known as PETA, let alone for publicity.

  • PETA Ether

    Hey PETA,

    Not even Waka can help your image. 26k+ in doggie murders since ’98?? FOH.

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