Wiz Khalifa Taylor Allderdice Cover

We’ve only been hearing good things about Wiz Khalifa’s upcoming mixtape. And tonight, he used his Instagram account to release the artwork for the project. Taylor Allderdice, drops next Tuesday.

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  • Gus

    Simple and clean. Its the music that matters though.

  • Ravens

    This will be dope

  • tgod

    those timbs probaly weigh more then he does..

  • Cray Fish

    The good things you’ve been hearing…are the good things you’ve been saying.

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  • Decent looking cover… It’s still hard to get used to seeing Wiz style like this… especially when like a year ago he was banging snapbacks and hoodies with a chain. Oh well. lol

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  • Jeffro

    I used to listen to all of his shit…he used to be back pack looking rapper, now he looks like Lupe Fiasco…smh….softcore man, can you imagine Prodigy back in the 90’s rocking a damn scarf with this top hat? What happened to boom bap? I’ll just stick to my Action Bronson for now


  • smh

    @jeffro…..real shit! and yeah Action Bronson….Bronsolini is def what I want n need right now! that real boom bap shit…fuck this “high fashion, man-bags, fedora’ rap bullshit

  • Bong

    Fuck what dude is wearing. It’s about the music.

  • Joeycrack

    He’s a dope artist..hippie rappper

  • Donn

    Lmao, yes you can feel better about yourself because you listen to underground rappers instead of mainstream ones lol. You guys are funny. I remember when Wiz was just coming up, now that he blew, its not cool to like him no more? He’s not Hip Hop?

    Isn’t HipHop self expression. Didn’t niggas used to wear the craziest shit in the 80’s, but Wiz rocking a top hat is too much lol. PLZZZZZZZZZZZ


  • I have a feeling that 2012 will be the year of SHITTY album covers….WTF is this?



  • BlackCocaine9

    I hope the music is better than the cover…just sayin

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  • Black Shady

    Wiz is a shitty rapper. just keepin it real….

  • Jacob

    Fuck this, yo @Amaya post that new Rittz song Die shits poppin

  • HK

    It’s about the music

  • RealR

    yall sound like some girls dicussing another dude outfit go find a girl or some yall bitch made why cant we listen to Wiz and Bronson…yall so biased with that shit..Fans ruined hiphop and rap period not rappers faggots..always nit picking did u see why he changed his style..go look it up before u wanna be a loose booty ass faggot

  • RealR

    @Jeffro Action Bronson did a song with Rif Raff from SODMG(soulja boi) label so dont talk to me about ur underground bullshit dog..

  • Burt Reynolds

    Less than a year ago it was snap backs and Chuck Taylors? Just because one idolizes to Jimi Hendrix doesn’t put him any where near the same light. Identity crisis. Douche bag.

  • steez

    new wiz dresses weird and lyrics are different, go back to the old rockn snapbacks and camo and maken me wana smoke more dope

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  • Dream On

    Wiz has changed his style now a few times and ultimately it dont matter. I dont visualize MCs when Im listening to there music so WTF does it matter how the dude dresses. Its about the music not the gay scarf/fedora combo…

  • Anon DCPL

    “it’s about the music, not the gay scar/fedora”

    lmao, that sums it up for me.

    I can’t wait to hear what subjects he will rap about!



    people are so fucking stupid.

    so what if he changes clothes. why da fuck u care?!?!?!!??!?!

  • RX

    @Anon DCPL hahahaha…i’m dying !!!

    i love Wiz but i can’t pretend he doesn’t say the SAME EXACT SHIT EVERY SONG these days. and now that he’s not emulating Curren$y as much, he’s not even very clever about it 🙁

    every few songs tho, the production is sooo good that the lyrical monotony can be overlooked (eg, My Favorite Song, California…)

    and dude has a great talent for hooks & layering his sung vocals, which i’ve always enjoyed.

    i do wish he’d talk a little less about money, he’s starting to sound like a young black Mitt Romney…