Gucci Mane Security Chokeslams Tyler

This kid is crazy. During Gucci Mane’s performance last week, Tyler, The Creator was choked slammed off stage by security for crashing the rostrum. Later that night, he tweeted about the encounter. How, odd.

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  • waloo

    Worst rappers alive LINEUP ahahaha how sad. Wxcept for tyler, he cool

  • Donn

    Maybe u’ll be humble now huh lol

  • Weeeezy.

    hahha i dont even like tyler that much, but he is funny as hell

  • uhuh

    huh? do you know anything about him?

    – FLOG GNAW 666 Loiter Squad

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    What a cornball

  • HAM Margera

    what a boring looking show. tyler brought some energy to that atleast

  • Black Cloud




  • chamymy

    no but this as funny as shit ctfu

  • i´m sorry for his artistic integrity that he´s making white folks music… corny ass country niggah… i wouldn´t dare to say it but HE IS A JOKE… srly…

  • Video was good until V-Nasty sighting

  • Kemosabi

    It looked pathetic not even funny. These industry new cats are trying way to hard. I don’t believe the MTV hype OF is shit.

  • HAQ

    Finally some good news.

  • Dave

    Tyler is genuinely happy too be there & be famous. He acts likes any normal person who became famous in the matter of a year should act.. Happy & excited as fuck.

  • True

    Haha Tyler is a fool

  • Too Fuct

    Hundreds can suck it. Lame show. Lame people attending it. The End

  • sck

    this is performing? the fuck….

  • sck

    tyler made that shit funny. w/o him there’s no reason for gucci to be on that stage…he’s lame as fuck!

  • honestly are there actually people that pay to watch this terrible performance live..? are we talking about a social and mental handicapt crowd?

  • herohiro

    That’s what his bitch ass get he acts like he doesn’t get bothered by this but when they sorry ass was getting bottles in detroit he was all like we got to stop the show our dj is hurt if I beat his wack ass let’s see his ass tweet that …or better yet get chris browns goons on his sorry ass again he ain’t gone do shit

  • Cheaa..

    wack on wack on wack…I shouldve bombed the venue…smh

  • Chan

    Tyler is such a fucking idoit. his music sucks and he is a clown. grow the fuck up. He acts like a 10 year odd with really bad ADHD. fuck this guy. Gucci is the shit by the way.

  • ocizzle

    fuck the real vnasty! ugly ass wigger cunt bitch with her fake ass gucci hat. i swear to god i would fucking curb stomp her ass and piss on her afterwards. and fuck all those other niggas behind her tryna say shes their nigga. niggas like that are ruining hiphop and the african american communtiy as a whole. god damn why doesnt someone kill them?

  • v-nasty is an ugly wigger ass cunt whore who should be shot and left to bleed out in some hole in the ground. why someone hasnt ended her life already is a mystery to me. and i will gladly see those bitch ass niggas behind her tryna say shes their nigga. ill best those bitches asses by myself. i swear to god. people like that are not only ruining hip-hop but they’re raping the shit of it too.

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