50 Cent Returns To The View

Curtis made his return to The View this morning. The Hip-Hop mogul rubbed elbows with the ladies to discuss love and why he named his dog after Oprah.

“It started out negative ’cause I thought Oprah didn’t like hip-hop culture. I got the dog and now I love Oprah.”


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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    A real boss.

  • JustMyOpinion

    I got a question, seriously, how come no matter what show a rapper go on they ALWAYS answer (or asked) the SAME questions? Forget it, don’t answer that.

    But, good to see Fif was relaxed cracking jokes.

  • Kemosabi

    Early candidate for quote of the year

  • WTF, Fifthy is talking love and Oprah? hmm….

  • ha

    so he named his dog Oprah to symbolize she is a bitch? he disgust me for even telling the story..smh

  • Double A

    $200 Million Dollars!!

  • teamobama

    oprah career better then 50 cent

  • Ramen Sense

    Ross said in song last year I’m 20 million up.
    Add a 0 to that figure and you get 50 Cent.
    If Ross was on the view they would need a fisheye lense and a bigger sectional. #noshots

  • Bmjac

    HA above is a bitch! He didnt tell the story, they brought it up. This site full of full time haters. Ya;ll were on him when he went to Africa. SMH.. Bi polar MFs

  • jerzy

    that vest is tight as fuck

  • Rhymes and Reasons

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  • ZolaGz

    He sounds like he is on something.. and further the interview comes it looks more like he is holding in hand with the woman in red..

  • God

    Fuck Hip-Hop

  • God

    Fuck 50 Cent and fuck Hip-Hop

  • w

    50 cent is getting to levels where even diddy and jay find hard to go

  • Kemosabi

    Disrespecting the most powerful BLACK woman in the world and calling her a bitch on nat’l television isn’t what’s up.

  • George21

    Moral of the story here is once 50 got to know Oprah he realized she wasnt a bitch

  • w

    @kemosabi powerfull and so what is she not a human