Angie Martinez Interviews B.I.G. (1996)

With today marking the 15th anniversary of B.I.G.’s passing, Hot 97’s Angie Martinez dug into the crates and found a 16 year old interview with B.I.G and Mary J. Blige. He spoke on the East vs. West Coast beef and wanting to work more with Mary. Legendary stuff.

Sidebar: MTV Remembers B.I.G.| Wake Up Show Interview

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  • True

    RIP to the great one.

  • True

    RIP to the great one!

  • jonnybusiness

    Big said he would be up in La slingin his album.Damn shame RIP 2 the greatest to ever hold the mic these 15 yrs have flown by.I wish Pac would have handled things a little bit better and gone off on Jimmy and Jack instead of blaming Big.

  • SmokeYou

    Remember when hip hop was real? Miss the 90s

  • From The WestSide W/ Love

    B.I.G. had info on who shot Pac & knew before hand shit was funny so that’s why he went at the man. Either way it goes they were both magnificent artists that died tragically and we should let that old shit die with them.R.I.P 2 Makaveli & Black Frank White

  • justsayin

    RIP…… i hope hip hop never forgets what this man gave us

  • g-cass

    wow angie sounds sexy as fuck in this

  • Black Shady

    15-16 years later…..Suge’s getting knocked out left and right….and Diddy is still making money off other artists sayin “take that take that”


  • ….

    i could totally see the hate…if he was in 2012
    he wouldve been in easy target

  • Sameshit

    Angie sounds the same 16 years later. Accent and all.

  • the void

    R.I.P big. you should have never let puffy talk you into coming here to L.A. fuck the LAPD.smh and puffy is still running around doing bitch shit.

  • no comma after the legendary, if there was a person you were adressing called “stuff” then the comma would be correct but it just makes no sense

  • B.Dot

    ur right. thanks

  • Ghost

    Listen at the end when the beat switches BIG was about to freestyle right there. Where did the real Mc’s go?R.I.P. BIG best rapper of all time!

  • Edward

    If you like Biggie, you might like my blog, Rhymes and Reasons. It’s interviews with hip-hop heads who discuss their lives and the songs that matter to them. Some great stuff. Take a listen:

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  • How the fuck we go from BIG to these niggas today? Smh …

  • iCandy

    spit yo game… talk yo shit! bigge!

  • Edwin

    RAW Flow!

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