• Your mother’s “friend”

    R.I.P Big, i blame Pac

  • the void

    only time of the year anybody would want to talk to cease.

  • The Riddler

    That sidebar article is crazy.

  • @ The Void thats the same exact thing i said

  • @The Void thats the same exaxt thing i said..lol 4real

  • @ The Riddler I hit that link and was amazed.
    They know exactly who killed BIG.His killer is dead.They know the players, but had no witnesses.Pac’s killer is dead.They say the case is open for the public,but they know the real and all these DVDs are fake.


  • @the riddler that sidebar is crazy.
    They know exactly who killed BIG and Pac,but their both dead and ain’t no witnesses.