New Music: Stalley “Everything New”

Before Savage Journey To the American Dream drops March 30, Stalley rolls out its first offering produced by Chad Hugo. This sure is reminiscent to that old Neptune sound.

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  • Dashing

    Anyone else think this kinda swagger-jacks Lupe a bit?

  • Nathaniel

    that was pretty wack. terrible hook. nigga all rushed in front of the snare. stay on the beat, son. or behind it a lil for that swing. yeesh…

    harsh, eh?

  • Gambino

    the production on this is horrible

  • kareem

    this sounds like a leftover philly’s most wanted beat

  • Get Real

    Nothing or no one can save Stalley. He’s wack and ain’t shit gonna change that.

  • FTW


    Old heads mad cause they lost it (c)

    Everything New speaks on some real shit.


  • the void

    i thought that was kanye rapping there for a second. not a good look.

  • Edward

    If you like Stalley, you might like my blog, Rhymes and Reasons. It’s interviews with hip-hop heads who discuss their lives and the songs that matter to them. Some great stuff. Take a listen:

  • BDthaRipper

    when stalley is on hes on like in city of 30,000 wolves, but whens hes off he puts out stuff like this

  • He used the same flow jay z used on niggas in paris

  • hip hop is dead

    i like it, reminds me of the early 2000’s