Sounds fuckin terrible….guess its 1 of those “u had to be there” moments


    Sounds fuckin terrible….

  • Protest

    they suck live… every vid i see of them performing, they look boring as fuck. im a big fan of them but id never pay to see them stand around murmuring like that

  • firealarm

    They don’t look too exciting up there..they better be better by the time I see them in a few weeks.

  • Bangers N Mash

    I like Slaughterhouse by why even bother posting when the quality is this bad.

  • lance

    i was there last night, it didnt sound that bad except at first Joe’s mic wasn’t working right. They had great crowd participation. Also Crooked dropped a crazy freestyle

  • Edward

    If you like Slaughterhouse, you might like my blog, Rhymes and Reasons. It’s interviews with hip-hop heads who discuss their lives and the songs that matter to them. Some great stuff. Take a listen:


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