Lil’ Kim On 106 & Park

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On B.I.G. day yesterday, Kim graced the 106 stage to discuss her new single, how she was portrayed in Notorious and more. The highlight? In an attempt to ask her about Nicki, she quickly shut Rocsi’s question down.

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  • dickinyamom

    “UNAPPROPRIATE”? (Google Searches) “Results Not Found” oh ok just checking

  • Damn son! She cut her face all up, looking like the nigga in the Mask movie wit Cher. Still beat tho lmao, jus sayin…

  • Truthkicker

    Nothing to see here. Keep moving

  • Larry

    lil kim looks like a mufasa from the lion king

  • KeepItReel101


    Word!!!!!! , Kimmie’s on that white girl, you saw her RapFix interview this past Wed. ? How she was moving her jaw around ? Yup !!!!! She and Christina Aguilera must have a good supplier , the way they’ve shown their erratic behavior these past weeks

  • kali



  • Proud of her…..stop the bs

  • tommy

    nicki minja looks no different

  • Kunte Kente

    Lmao…Rocsi a fool. Every year on the anniversary of Biggies death the same motherfucks come out like groundhogs and tell the same storys of Big. Lil’ Kim, Lil’ Cease, and the rest of Junior Mafia. Unless a bitch comes out and says I got pregant by Big 15 yrs ago then stfu already. I mean we got that weak ass biopic and 100 documentarys on him to get a idea of who he was.

  • she looks like a furby

  • ok

    man wasn’t big krit there too…where his video at

  • Black Shady

    NY still ridin with Kim I see…..people are already tired of that Barbie bullshit hahaha!!

  • Fan

    If you like Lil’ Kim, you might like my blog, Rhymes and Reasons. It’s interviews with hip-hop heads who discuss their lives and the songs that matter to them. Some great stuff. Take a listen:

  • the great zeee

    Micheal Jackson is back?

  • dat nig

    this bitch cleary never liked her self, she used to be cute. now she lookin like tigger from wenny the pooh. i really cant respect what she has done to her self. i doubt big wouldve let her do that hollywood shit to her face.

  • wow


  • Style-LIN on you

    Non-appropriate* Dumb bitch.

  • CarreraLu

    HOVA at 1:28? haha

  • RB

    Kim made rocsi feel so stupid

  • moreffa

    lil kim’s face looks like rocsi pussy after she fucked a football player

    its beat

  • Stop Self-Hatred in The Black Community

    Blame white supremacy/racism for that Blacks wanna look white. We all don’t see real black women in media anymore, all we see are lightskined chicks, chicks with blonde wigs. It’s so sad.

  • Gambino

    Is it me or did she seem fucked up?

  • ben peters

    Kim is lame for that shit… how you gonna make a come back career off of nicki minaj then get mad when they ask you about that? thats the most relevant thing you got right now no one is checking for her single…. she hot cause nicki …. lil kim look like snooki fuck that bitch

  • w

    damn i like the world shut down wow kim went in

  • IMO

    Pssst… @ Style-LIN on you… It’s “Inappropriate”

    Meanwhile, someone please stop Kim from sounding like Anna Nicole Smith. Where are her people?!

  • Danielle

    THE QUEEN! She looks beautiful! Nobody will never live her life. I love the fight in her! Word

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