“Otis” Maybach Sells For $60K

Tuck ya whole bids in. Initially, The Throne’s Maybach used in their “Otis” video was expected to sell at least for $100K. Instead, it was sold for $60K in 5 minutes at the Phillips de Pury event in New York on Thursday.

The nonfunctional vehicle, which was valued $300K, was sold as artwork with portions of the sale going towards the Save The Children foundation. Good cause for a cheaper price.


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  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    What are they gonna do with this shit?? LOL, what a dope ass video though. That’s a hott car!!

  • AKAJustMyOpinion

    “with portions of the sale” always lets you know someone else is eating while fronting like its ALL for charity.

  • ¹²³ð•«*¢°

    They have all that money but they had to sell a car to donate money. Selfish fags.

  • Joeycrack

    So what do you do with it ?
    Have a rich nigga put it in his backyard

  • @kingofphilly81

    Hip hop should have made the purchase and perserve this in a museum.

  • Xavier

    They should never gave you niggas money!

  • Save the Children ? I worked for them before… the money definitely wasnt being used to save any children


  • CALifornian

    homie practically just paid for the engine.and name.

  • wow!!! I dont know about that one.its a good cause,but 60k for non functional vehicle?…..

  • MMG #1fan

    Loll that car cost 357 000$ lol ans fer sales for 60k loll waste of money

  • REal

    a $300K car going for $60K??? I would have bought it too and flip the car back to par and resell it….

  • ¹²³ð•«*¢°

    They couldve used the 300k they spent on the car to donate instead of only 60k. Stingy fags

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    U can buy that and put in a Japanese racing engine…

  • Steve

    1 dollar, Bob

  • MMG #1fan

    Loll that car cost 357 000$ and ger sales for 60k waste of money … WTF the save children fondation gonna do with 60k

  • bangfruit

    Numbers Don’t lie…..they actaully made it worthLESS!

    I make commercials.

  • CALifornian



  • Watever

    Some of you ppl clearing don’t understand the art world. It sold at auction for 60K now, as a piece of art it will gain value over time. Just like Elvis, MJ, or Beatles memorabilia is worth more now than when they used it. Whoever got it made a relatively cheap investment with a good chance of a high return.

  • DAS

    cheap???? shit i dont know what kind of money you assholes be making but that aint cheap where i come from.

  • GAG

    Why it’s nonfunctional!?? WTF!

  • Loaded

    60k? thats it? those rich crackers was “liek i dont want that nigga car” lol

  • lowendtheory

    shit negro, if i had a fat bank, i’d buy that bitch and just let it chill in the driveway just to fuck with people that drove by the crib.

  • lowendtheory

    fuck what ya heard, if i had a fat bank, i’d buy that bitch and let it chill in the driveway just to fuck with people who drove by the crib.

  • beebop

    so there is no engine?

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