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For those who couldn’t make it down to Austin, Hov live streamed his Amex Sync show at the Austin City Limits this evening allowing viewers to tweet their song of choice. Rest of the show after the jump.


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  • toad3527

    this nice right here

  • Joshua

    It’s not just me not seeing anything, right?

  • Joshua

    Everyone seeing this?

  • T&T

    i can’t see shit

  • Black London

    Yep… Still can’t see shit.

  • twix

    US only? Fuck this.

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • Jigga stays winning. Ha!

  • Hmm

    Anyone know what kind of hat Jay’s wearing?

  • slick

    hov drunk tonight

  • lucifer had alternate lyrics! jay ad libbing a lil bit thats fresh but the sound is wack as fuck on this stream



  • Nick Kaiser

    this quality fucking sucks

  • Loaded

    Camel Music


  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    This doesn’t compare to a Jay-Z concert by 1 MILLION TIMES……thank God I’ve only been to all of his epic shows (i.e. Roc the Mic Tour, Blueprint 3 Promotion Tour, Blueprint 3 Actual Tour, Yankee Stadium Show, and Watch the Throne) This has NOTHING on any of those shows. I can say this cause im white….with all those white people there this show can only be so hype….half those people aint fucking with his old shit.

  • Inside I’m Ice! Outside I’m Lava!

    Can’t wait for the Marcy to Mansion concept album

  • yo

    place looks dead. those arent jay z fans. those are hipsters who have heard of jay z before.

  • ACE

    quality sucks, good show though! jays music catalog from 1997-2009 alone shits on any other MC’s
    and thats not even including ‘Reasonable Doubt’ or ‘Watch the Throne’

  • County of Kings

    he was spittin freemason (feat. Rick Ross) verse on lucifer beat.
    its crazy cuz the words came naturally and i almost didnt even realize the switch until the end of the verse

  • bumpy johnson

    I swear this guy is on god mode hits after hits after hits ………

  • Black Shady

    Without a doubt…one of the greatest

  • Respect

    Props to Jay for stopping the song when the instrumental wasn’t on, we came to see a live show. Wish other artists would do that as well

  • Youdig

    Classic. The greatest of our time. Celebrate him now while he’s alive and celebrate his life when he’s dead. R.O.C.

  • Great show.
    Redman and Loch on that loud pack.Collab coming soon: http://youtu.be/6zQpkq3fH_s via @youtube

  • izreal

    that where I’m from remix is retardedly dope!