The-Dream Sold Out S.O.B.’s Concert

“I haven’t done a show in close to two years. And ever since then, there’s like, four niggas that sound like me now. I’m just being honest.”

Shots fired. This Weeknd weekend, The-Dream held an intimate concert at S.O.B.’s. With Jay-Z and Beyonce in attendance, Dream ran down his long list of hits and ballads. He even performed “Fancy”/”Right Side Of My Brain” for the first time.

Later today, he flips the script and channels Terius Nash, but until then, here’s Skreech’s recap of last night. Check out Stark‘s photography after the jump. Another Rap Radar-sponsored superb show, you bastards!

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  • Your mother’s “friend”

    This nigga is talented but my god he’s a cornball, i bet Beyonce & all them other superstars he be working with be side eyeing & cursing under they breath when they’re in the studio with this clown

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  • Kemosabi

    He ain’t lying about the weeknd but that’s what happens when you get caught slippin

  • Mj

    Weeknd> this nigga

  • Love/Hate

    The Dream is that dude.


    Don’t really mess with a lot of new R&B but he is the exception.

    Love everything I’ve heard from him.

  • zmz

    meanwhile, the dream sounds like every other r&b singer before him with a mildly high-pitched voice. which kid star will he be writing for this time after he drops the tough act?

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  • Fuck Ya Life

    That nigga shouldve named names.

  • damn

    how he a cornball?

  • Donn

    I fucks with Weeknd but he does sound like Dream. U cant sit here and honestly say when u first heard Weeknd u didnt think it was The Dream. Anybody who says they didnt is a liar. Why can artists steal ppl’s identities and these kids let it slide…

  • This show was off the hook.

  • Your Father

    The Weeknd, Jeremih…stuck on the other 2, though.

  • flawda

    He is right, these artist are some sharks and have bitten him.

    The Dream does not sound like every artist before him, dude actually has his own unique style of writing and his voice is definitely different.

    To me The Weekend sounds like a parody of a r and b artist.

  • illuzion33x

    i fucks with the weeknd , but the dream been doing it way earlier!

  • itsMe

    Just passing by and hearing a Weeknd song when he first came out its easy to see how someone would say he kinda sound like the Dream….but once you actually listen to the music you can hear ther is no comparison in the music….thers not one song that sounds anything like a Dream record.

  • XO

    hes a cornball….that is all

  • WTF weeknd is a real artist, with creativity. The Dream is just a pop artist with no originality, there subject matter is no where at all the same. And thats stretching the fact, saying that the dream even has any content matter. Just because the weeknd sings everybody is saying that he sounds like the dream, so the dream bit off micheal jackson then? becuase michael sang and the dream sang, thats what yall are implying. And the fact that their beats are totally opposites. IF ANYTHING the dream bit off of the weeknd in the mixtape 1977, which was released after house of balloons FYI

  • Barry White

    I fucks with both The Weeknd and Dream, they both have high octave similar sounding voices… so? The Weeknd isnt biting at all, the songs are 2 completely different styles

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass


  • Biittcchh!

    Does this nigga have on a Rocafella chain?.. Hmm Dame where you at?!

  • grimgenius

    imo The weeknd makes better music, i cant even one dream song on the top of my head.

  • ridalen

    he isnt directly biting but to say he isnt influenced by him is ridiculous

  • Derek

    whats wrong with being influenced by somebody? Nothing is completely original, The-Weeknd is talented as fuck and The-Dream knows that, instead of trying to cut him off from the lime-light, they should work together on something, or at least just be cool with each other because they both kill other R&B niggas.

  • Chubby

    someone tell me ONE melody from the wknd…. dude just “hhmmmmm yyyyeeeaaaa” on every damn track! Dream makes hit songs… quarter in, quarter out.

  • naww

    when i first heard that first single with young jeezy in 08′ i was like wtf is this SHIT son is just hum-talking over some lazy pop production FOH I know my R&B, shiiiit, Ryan Leslie deserves more shine, is a better singer/producer/writer and not as corny. The weeknd also has more credible music than this fag

  • Collar Cali

    Cant lie… Dream is corny personality wise… IMO

  • sorry dream. the game don’t wait. if you ain’t original enough not to be bitten; themz the damn rules. i like em both though.

  • M.T

    The weeknd is better than the dream. If the weeknd took the dreams style, then he took it and made it wayyyy better.

  • JHP

    I think he’s talking about The Weeknd, Jerimih, Frank Ocean, and IDK who the fourth one could be. I fux with The-Dream , The Weeknd, & Frank Ocean all though, and Jerimih aite. But he’s a talented dude none the less, 1977 could’ve been a retail album, that’s how quality it was,

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  • shellz

    The dream can’t sing live!! The Weeknd don’t sound like dream! Subject matter total oppisites!

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  • RC

    This nigga is the undisputed KING fuck what you heard.

    Everybody knows it.

    Now do I rock with the Weeknd? Hell yeah I do. But to not notice how he sounds like The Dream is fuckin retarded.

  • Nathaniel

    he’s one of them ol “throw a stone and hide your hand” ass niggas. and he sounds terrible live. terrible.

  • Cheaa..

    the weeknd is overrated garbage…leave that mess in Canada ol dry ass lame dudes

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  • thebullfrog24

    zmz says:
    Monday, March 12 2012 at 11:48 AM EST

    meanwhile, the dream sounds like every other r&b singer before him with a mildly high-pitched voice. which kid star will he be writing for this time after he drops the tough act?
    100% co sign

    Why does dream think hes so influential???? No one sounds like him, his sound is super poppy. He makes bubblegum R&b music.

    If the weekend was copying off anybody it’d be prince or somethin like that.