New Music: Trouble “Real”

Still not faking on the funk, Trouble lends his voice of the people for his new tune. Sounds like 431 Days is shaping up pretty nicely. We’ll find out come March 27.

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  • reall

    REAL!… quality can be better though..

  • Detroit Dave

    This song was real bad. Rap Radar step it up.

  • Protest

    Yall quick to call shit wack, but yall post this dude with no problem. Can’t respect that shit

  • $outh$ide


  • DoinTooMuch

    I been said this dude trouble got ALOT of potential but he got the wrong nigga backin him. He deserve more recognition than he gettin, and a label like DTE won’t help.

  • Jay

    propz to this homie

  • Dee

    Like what he talking about, but the quality is trash. Quality is important and his label should know that.