New Video: Danny Brown “Radio Song”

Need more Danny Brown? Well you’ll get a lot of him in his latest viral. Though you might not hear this on your FM dial, you can definitely hear it on XXX here.

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  • ….

    50 cent liked this guys music.wanted to meet him…but when he met him he couldnt get past his appearance…lol

  • @KingofTeez (twitter)

    Yo Danny Brown is dope if you into that weird shit. I downloaded XXX and its not bad. I’m from Detroit so I had to show love by giving dude a click.. Detroit what up doe!

  • jack

    yo this nigga sucks…. its official anybody can rap… if you like this i don’t know what else to tell u but dig a hole

  • jack

    and his teeth damn son

  • C.I.

    50 didnt sign this dude cos he wore skinny jeans, wise choice

  • Donn

    Yooooooooooooooooo why have I been sleeping on this guy. This dude is dope. Damn, I been sleeping on Big KRIT and this nigga. I’m tripping.


  • fuk waka

    faggot ass nigga

  • Dayz

    I like the concept of this song and the message but he looks so corny and bites the Pharcyde/West Coast 90s flow! Bet these new kids haven’t heard any of those records to know what style I’m saying that he jacked.

  • @Dayz Nobody cares,hipster!!

  • The Hybrid

    Brown got white like Dawsons Creek

  • The_Dynasty

    Danny Brown text a bitch LOL but he don’t be laughing

  • he sucks, and if you start being tough critics, you’ll find whos the realest and best rapper alive. Stop patronizing people who suck.

  • smokedoutdeandre

    this shit is dope, yall are fucking tripping. i swear to god your average rap fan is fucking retarded. yall hating this nigga cuz he look weird, aint even listening to his rhymes. this niga go in

  • Best Project of 2011. Fuck appearance, His music is dope. That’s what matters

  • HAQ

    dicksuckin’-crackhead-lookin’ muthafucka. the mainstream is fuckin’ GAY smfh.