The Weeknd Responds To The-Dream

In the mood for some R&Beef? Well after The Weeknd caught wind of Terius’ shot the other night., Abel fired up his Twitter account for some words of his own.

ham burglar lookin’ ass nigga…ll i need are my brothers and my fans… fuck the bullshit. just gimme that gat damn allderdice god damm it! i’m too turnt up right now!! this nigga is so hood, he thinks my name is the weekender…i was raised old fashioned, you get at me, i get at you… ain’t no sideways shit about it…

The-Dream didn’t take that lying down and returned fire via his Twitter page.

Like my father said. Say ur piece son if a man feel uncomfortable enough a cheat, and a liar will identify his self. Amen. Now I know 4 Sure. I said I was Honest not petty. Joke all you want. Grown Man. Love killed Hate. I’m going to support the movement where if u can’t say it in person don’t say it. Nothing but love from here lil homie. Don’t get fooled or tricked and try to come up on a nigga like me , won’t work just do you if u truly are then what we talkin bout. Now ima leave it at that.

Ill call ya phone if you wanna chop it up or if you feel a way. Seek knowledge at all times “if you have a unknowing of a mans true will Use the Word as a tool to unveil the shadow of a enemy. Naw…….I’m signed to my self. Selfmade, I built it ground up, you brought it renovated. Nice. Love kills Hate I’m going to prove it! Watch.

Machiavelli the art of war has nothing to do with a Gun. Its psych thing. U use words to make the opponent make a move that he can never….Move back from the move the word is Permanent! The assumption of your move was merely a thought and now you know for sure….. Now we move. In silence the right way! We on a whole other level ova here. No Calculated moves just Absolute ones.

Yall better quit hypin niggas up. Can’t beef by ur self. Beef wld have to mean insecurity R Jealousy two things I knw nthing about Im Dope! Like I said I think the world of the boy. And nothing will change that. He’s very talented. And its nothing for me to Say that. int enough RandB too Beef. And its no fun ballin by yourself. Retore Order. I will not do what the RandB nigga before me did. I’m Dope…..Enough to share the success with any man Worthy! LoveCult! #TheLoveGang. But as my mother would Don’t Take my Sweetness for a Weakness!

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  • B.Dot

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  • Love/Hate

    The Dream > The Weeknd

  • Truth.

    both these niggas need to stop acting like lil fucking females and just get back to the music, forreal forreal. but r&b beef is wack, anyway. i’d actually rather see an ongoing kim/nicki beef. *kanye shrug*

  • Harvey

    You can’t get mad at the truth.

  • Steve

    Frank Ocean >>>>

  • Jungle

    The Weeknd >>>> The Dream

  • Protest

    These niggas need to learn the English language. They also need to go over proper grammar one more time… I can’t understand half the shit that these niggas typed.

  • Shade

    The Weeknd > The Dream

    By far

  • Steve

    @ Protest

    Nigga it’s Twitter, you dont have to be gramatically correct.

  • uhuh

    i didnt understand a thing he said

  • brollya

    look wat ya did.. jus cuz dream said somethin bout niggaz copying him, ya automatically think he thalkin bout des hey arnold lookin ass niggaz……i aint never listened to the weekend niggaz but if ya wouldn had been sayin he was talkin bout them “kid on the stoop” lookin ass niggas, they wouldn had responded back… plus des niggaz even lamer to be reading these blogs and let niggaz get in they head and make niggaz think he talkin bout them…… if fans can do dat den des aahh real monster ass niggaz a fall for anytihng

  • Converse

    What he said?^ Smart dumb niggas I suppose?

    Canada stay taking L’s ehhh!!???

  • Sam

    Am I the only one who can’t understand what either of them said??

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    The Dream has made it. No need to worry about theses little dudes.

  • Citylivin’

    until you you have Jay-z & Beyonce come to your shows, and co-direct videos and write songs for Beyonce there really isn’t any com……………you know what nevermind.

  • I cannot believe the way these guys write. It’s incomprehensible and downright retarded. Twitter or not, a basic understanding of commas and apostrophes will suffice.

    It’s disgusting really.

  • RC

    Everybody already knows The Dream is that nigga. Always has been.

    He came out with that sound. Niggas was not doing anything this man is doing.

    And the weekend does sound like the Dream.

    I dont want them two niggas beefing. I just want good music free or to buy.

    But if this keeps giving me creative songs, like The Dreams – Form of Flattery, which was the first shot I saw fired, then Im all for it.

  • Kemosabi

    Lol @ Converse. Toronto needs this one after Drake didn’t get at that GAP model.

  • Sou


  • Nicci

    First of all, I need for the Dream not to write 4 page letters that make no sense. I don’t care where he posted it, it was horribly written and long-winded. If I was the Weeknd, I’d bow out just off the fact you couldn’t understand the response.

  • M.T

    “ham burglar lookin’ ass nigga”
    lol….. The Weeknd>The Dream.. but both these guys are tripping right now. let the music speak for itself.

  • Acapella

    I agree with Progress, I couldn’t understand shit these niggaz were talmbout. Twitter or not, when rapradar bunches up a gang of tweets that don’t make sense to make a paragraoh or whatever, it makes the artist look dumb as shit. Now I fux with both of these guys’ music heavy. Quit the bickerin’ and get back to it.

  • dll32

    @Jesus Iz Bakk +1

  • ronnie coleman

    they both make terrible music, who cares

  • Mj

    Lol is the weekend waiting on that wiz tape too? Cuz that’s all I care bout right now

    And WTF is wad dream talking bout

  • Devastation Inc.

    Lloyd and Miguel are laughing at these dudes.

  • Ballin’

    Wtf is this beef about?

    Both these niggas is velvet cupcake soft anyway.

    A brawl between these two will probably involve pillow fights, bear hugs and tickles.

    Illiterate, incoherent, incomprehensible ass niggas. SMH

  • Jungle

    Comb >>>>> The Weeknd

  • Collar Cali

    OMG. WTF? Nigga U do sound like the Dream a bit vocally! What’s the problem? Furthermore The Dream never said names. Guilty @$$ nigga. Must be a Canadian thing. *Shrugs*
    My dude… The Dream made practically $20 Mill off 1 of the songs he’s made. WTF have U profited? The Weeknd is talented but as of late him & Frank been outta place talking to elders & shiiii. And did The Weeknd try to ACTUALLY talk about someone’s looks??? That has to be HILARIOUS… I saw that & died. Abel slow your role. You are poppin, but U not even killin Frank Ocean! That dude has written for everyone. Everyone wants him to write or sing on their shiiii & he’s even touring on TV shows everywhere overseas… All while putting out ONLY one mixtape that was considered one of the top 2-3 ALBUMS last year (U even came in above his on a few too) & he did it w/ out being under someone else’s wing (*cough* Drake). In the words of Big Boi from Outkast “Boi Stop!”

  • MegaMind

    Any cat in here that’s saying the wkend is better than the Dream had to start listening to music about 3-5 yrs ago. I swear the new generation of youth are getting dumber and dumber. I don’t even feel sorry anymore…i got mines and I’m still getting it…LOL…You’d think with the advent of the internet and information being more readily accessible kids would educate themselves…but this is not the case.

    Anyway…let’s talk factually for a moment…WHO is the wkend and WHAT has he accomplished??
    He put out 2 mixtapes…name me ONE HIT of them shits?? I’ll wait…not a song that you like…one that is universally lauded. I can name at LEAST 5 by Dream…and before you say well he’s been around longer, etc…no a hit is a HIT…and not only that…with the attn span you ADD kids have now and days…he should be popping even more. Y’all will be hot on something for like 3-5 months then on to the next…y’all don’t even give these kids time to develop.

    The wkend should’ve let that slide bc its true and his resume isn’t strong enough to go against the Dream…individually and definitely not on the merit of his 2 mixtapes..Dream has like 10 #1 hits he’s written for STARS…not for some rap cat.

    Bieber – Baby
    J Holiday – Bed
    Rihanna – Umbrella, Cake, etc.
    Beyonce – Single Ladies, 1+1, Run The World
    Usher – Moving Mountains
    MJB – Fine
    Mariah – Touch My Body

    I can keep going…

    the weekend he should give credit where credit is dude…dusty ass ni**a!
    The Dream knew when he came out he jacked R Kelly swag but he should homage…even did a song with him…Remix of Shawty Is A 10….but in essence Dream is a different writer than Kellz who is a beast and we all know….

    Can someone play me a wkend song that is at least 94BPMs…FOH…that ni**a…
    In the words of Souls Of Mischief “If ya really dope, why ain’t you sign yet?…”

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    The Weeknd cool I guess but The-Dream is more talented at least at song writing. The Weeknd sounds the same on every song. Frank Ocean is more versitile.

  • Whathtefuck

    I respect both artist and I respect The Dream for not wanting beef over it. However, I don’t respect how he fucking BUTCHERED the English language like that.

  • Cheaa..

    the weeknd?? man he never said his name and dude caught feelings…what is wrong with drake and his boys? they so sweet and weak..smh

  • Juan

    I think that Ne-Yo and The-Dream are great songwriters and singers.I don’t know about the Weeknd, I only heard about them because of Drake.

  • Kunta Kente

    The Weeknd signs about pure bullshit. Crooner about drunk one night stands don’t we get enough of that from Aubrey. Where Frank Ocean at? He should come at this nigga.

  • i still like both of em. everybody is influenced by somebody. prince is a HEAVY influence on the dream, but prince didn’t throw him under the bus. message to all artists: if you take a hiatus; the game will NOT die. they gone happily take the substitute. lol at the Art of r&b war

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Didn’t read Dreams long winded response but The Weeknd >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>dream anyday

  • aw yeah, and Maxwell been doin that massage parlor falsetto shit WAY before dream. However, Weeknd, Dream, nor Maxwell have made a song better than Dream’s – Fancy imo

  • Peekay

    Didn’t following the Dream’s response at all but also don’t care about any of this. Just make music and STFU.

  • shellz

    You spell like that & write hit songs for people? Amazing!!

  • Jaymalls

    Me personally… The-Weekend, Jerimih, Drake, and Frank Ocean ran with The-Dream’s style. I just think The-Dream just wants acknowledgment from these dudes who were influenced by him. Being that these young niggas don’t check their history… They think these young dudes created the styles their using. I remember when The-Dream dropped that 1977 mixtape as Terius Nash, Lil niggas was saying he stole The Weekends style! That shit would get on anybody’s nerves!!! Anyway:

    LOVE HATE > The Weekend’s Dicography

  • Pete

    You problem shouldn’t even compare these niggaz to Maxwell. Maxwell makes real music and Pretty Wings basically blows anything these two dudes could even think of out of the water.

  • Derek

    It’s twitter, it’s pretty common to shorthand things because it uses less space, I’m more than sure that they can write better on an informal platform.

    Anyway, The-Dream has to be scared of The-Weeknd stealing some of his R&B shine or why would he even mention him? “Ohhh that nigga sounds like me”. Yeah, right. The-Weeknd has a much different sound, and much much different types of lyrics. The only similar thing are their voices, and that’s a very stupid thing to get annoyed at bc even those aren’t that similar. The-Dream sings in an almost constant falsetto, The-Weeknd just has a high singing voice, quit hating each other and just fucking make music.

  • beat

    So, are they gonna have an all out falsetto battle?

  • Mag

    If The Dream meant the bullshit he just spewed, he wouldn’t have said what he said in the first place…just lost a lot of respect for him.

  • Mj

    It’s always the old washed up niggas who lost there buzz that start shit with fairly new guys

  • lol @ sam, co sign dude, i was about to write that

  • Jaymalls

    @mj this nigga is making way more money than all 4 of these dudes and is more in demand, musically!

  • Farrakhanish

    I hate everything what is associated/affiliated with Drake. He said “all i need are my brothers” lol dude is mad gay. Fuck this weekend faggot.

  • j/y h/h

    @MegaMind and @Collar Cali yall nigga’s ain’t lying! These young nigga’s today man I tell you! Dream never said no names, didn’t go into a whole lot of detail about nobody, and then Weaknd (catch the spelling) opened his mouth because he caught feelings. It’s typical of a lot of these cats. Young nigga’s today are more bitch-made than ever. The “old washed-up nigga’s” wouldn’t say anything if the younger guys weren’t so disrespectful. Everybody gets influenced by somebody else, it’s okay to admit it. Ain’t nothing new under the sun.

  • JoJo Watson


  • Fuck Swag

    These days there’s more R n Beef that rap beef.

  • DG

    Dream threw a rock then tried to hide his hands which is bullshit. He did exactly what Common did with Sweet, just because neither one named any names doesn’t mean people can’t figure out who they are talking about. Plus why he is focused on someone who has only released mixtapes and not even a major album yet. I’m a fan of the Dream and think he is extremely talented but I think he is doing this for attention. His last album was solid and got great reviews but only sold 100k copies so obviously he needs to raise his profile. Yes Weeknd sounds like Dream vocally but their song content is very different. Plus Dream’s sound is very influenced by Prince & R Kelly, shit he even names his songs after their songs (Nikki & Kelly’s 12 Play). Just worry about our own music Dream you don’t wanna get Aaron Hall’d

  • this nigga Dream can not spell for shit.. fucks up his entire message he’s tryna get across.

  • hiphophead

    all that money, and no formal education. these aggins have the nerve to beef, when they need to be studying grammar together.

  • hiphophead

    these cats need to focus on dropping some albums.

  • MegaMind

    @DG – you just proved WHY Dream even decided to address this little dustball ass n***a!
    You say in your own post:

    … Yes Weeknd sounds like Dream vocally but their song content is very different. Plus Dream’s sound is very influenced by Prince & R Kelly, shit he even names his songs after their songs (Nikki & Kelly’s 12 Play)….

    That’s the whole point of the matter, he’s blantantly biting and not showing no respect to the cat who opened the door for him…which the Dream did by naming songs after those who gave him his style…You’re right the Dream is mad talented…can he sing…that depends on your taste but the n***a pen game alone gets my respect. I’m gonna keep it real, I don’t like ANYTHING about wkend.
    I don’t like how he looks, he sounds like Dream and ALL his shit sound the same…ALL of it.
    And yuo said the Dream get Aaron Hall’d by WHO?? the wkend? GTFOH!

    Let’s put like this…the Dream is dropping a RETAIL album in about a month or so…I bet you money your boy wkass won’t drop a RETAIL album this year. And if he did, it will be INDIE as a muthafka! No major distro. And he’s be talking that “I wanted to keep my creative intergrity/direction intact, so i decided to do it on my own shit” OR he better hope Drake signs him and uses the leverage he has to get him a deal. But I can tell you this much right now!…LA Reid won’t sign him…he had the Dream and barely knew what do do with him. Republic might sign him bc they have YMCMB…but they are a radio/research label…so no buzz…no release date…IDJ got Frank Ocean (who dropped the ball and should’ve retailed the original contact on his mixtape…buzz is faint! Interscope might take a chance bc Jimmy loves to get in biz with artist who are selling that is NOT signed to him directly…but they have so many new acts…when is he coming out over there?? Same goes for RCA/Sony….WB might take a chance but he needs to get his buzz beyond and appeal up….right now, that n***a is a singing Theophelous London!

    So you tell me…i’ll wait….

    PS – a drake single aint enough…unless a label is getting a MMG style situation where they can get the artist in house…i’m just giving it to you from an insider perspective…but anything is possible!

  • sergio*

    The Dream > The Weeknd x1,000,000,000,000.000

  • DG

    First off why are you so emotionally invested in this R&Beef? Is your last name Nash or something? Second how is the Weeknd not showing respect? Because he hasn’t named any of his songs after the Dream? I haven’t seen the Weeknd do any press or interviews at all so when is he supposed to show Dream respect? After the Dream took subliminal shots at him on 1977, or when he took time out twice during his shows in NYC to make indirect comments about him. Also the Dream’s album will most likely be pushed back probably to the end of summer early fall because ROC is doing ok at Urban radio but doing absolutely nothing at Rhythmic. Last I have no idea when the Weeknd is going to drop his first official album but I can guarantee you he will have no trouble getting a deal. When the first project you ever release is on almost every Top 10 Albums of the Year list then a record deal is not a problem. When I said the Dream needs to worry about getting Aaron Hall’d it didn’t mean by the Weeknd it meant by himself. Because all Aaron Hall has done since the early 90’s is complain about people stealing his style (including The Dream) and that is all he is known for now.

    PS Why you worried about how another man looks? Does that mean you like the way The Dream looks?


    The Weeknd >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The Dream

  • M.T

    Why are u so buttthurt?

  • 215AllDay

    Is there something in the water in Canada? Why do these butter soft dudes keep stepping up when no one says there name and then act like they thugs? FOH

  • Ocean Frank

    They both douches, but this weeknd guy especially needs to end his own life ASAP. What a turd of a human being.

  • Collar Cali

    ” Ain’t nothing new under the sun.”
    @ j/y h/h Cosign!

  • changeclothz

    [email protected]’s comment lol

  • Tyler

    Did anyone else know The-Dream still existed? They both sing like bitches; The Weeknd just does it better. Nuff said. Oh, and use grammar you ignorant bitches

  • cleonjones

    The Dream has a FEW good songs and hits he wrote for other people, but for all of the music he has made there should be A LOT more

    All of his music sounds like all of the other R&B by any other bullshit singer, Weeknd and Frank Ocean don’t.

    • (Late as hell) Yeah, you’re dumb. The weeknd’s style is another take on The-Dream’s and The-dream can actually sing…not whine.

  • @brollya

    Yur a Fuckin Idiot

  • R.Cey

    wack beefs

  • Bryan

    how are people gnna say the dream is better when he got caught auto-tuning his own tracks. the weeknd owns the game now. inevitably the dream is just old news. XOGANG>>>>>>>>>

  • Fall Babylon

    I just want to say The weeknd is all over the world not just one state or courty. . But all over the fucking world. Can anyone say that for the dream ? The dream didn’t open up the door for The weeknd. This nigga HAD few hits. Wow. What you people don’t realize is the weeknd is an dark R&B artist. I just can’t believe half of the idiotic comments. All that respect shit goes out the window when nigga’s disrespect you. Fuck that fake ass elderly R&B artist.

  • suck my ass

    Late okay but compare The Weeknd’s and The Dream’s songs now. I honestly forgot he still made music lol