Danny Brown “Radio Song” At Fader Fort

Danny Brown is in the house. And during yesterday’s Fader Fort show, he gave a live version of his “Radio Song” for the Austin crowd. Oh, his deluxe version of XXX is available on iTunes now.

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  • moreffa

    diz nigga be lokkin weird
    like white people weird

  • fuk waka

    no1 in the crowd cares

  • Jason

    He’s talking about “how many of yall not fucking with the bullshit on the radio” but this song qualifies as some bullshit that should be on the radio. Niggas is mad corny

  • get bucks

    rap different now.

  • “No originality. Carbon copy singers.” ???

    But the whole time he is doing an Andre 3000 impression???? Minus the swagg.

  • Pugsley

    How is it Rolling Stone, The Fader keeps force feeding us the hype and he only has 700 Youtube views at one of the largest music conventions of the years?

    Either someone’s publicist is sucking a lot of dick, or going broke supplying free coke and hookers to these writers.

    The crowd is like “who is this random NIGGER in cowboy boots, and why is he under the impression we know the words to his song?”

  • Lex

    He look like that “hide ya ids, hida ya wife” dude.

  • rapgod11111

    all you talking about is the way he looks, you actually listening to this guy rap? he has crazy skills and is hella original