New Video: Hopsin “Hop Madness”

It isn’t your typical day at the circus. In fact, Hopsin busts a few moves and clowns around in his latest video. Be on the look out, his new album Knock Madness coming soon.

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  • THAT’S MY MOTHAFUCKIN NIGGA!!! CLOWNIN’ ON ‘EM! This video is just dope as fuckk.

  • Peter

    dope track, this is his 3rd album btw and hes got that game diss at 2:55!

  • Weezy F F Baby, And The F F Is For Fucking Faggot!!


  • Rj6942

    this dude needs better beats. his verse on tech n9nes track was so sick. other shit of his own isnt.

  • clown baby

    @Rj6942 Ive been a Hopsin fan for about 2 years. He does all his own beats and i have to agree with you. if he rapped over better beats his stuff would sound even better then it does.

    and RR this is not his debut album. do your research. He had RAW come out a little over a year and a half ago and Gazing at the moon light on an actual record label.

    either way the video is dope. glad to see Hop finally on RR.

  • West Coast has some serious heat right now

  • Jager

    Baller ass nigga, tre flippin, front side flippin, heel varial i think? and a dope song…

  • da 5’9

    Hopsin is so fucking dope! Dope song and video


    Wish the dude would lose the gay ass contacts

  • Collar Cali

    Luv EVERYTHING about this guy!

  • firealarm

    RR you fucking morons this isn’t his debut album..he’s already had TWO albums you stupid fucking idiots do your goddamn homework

  • hopsis beats tyler

    hop train

  • Funny that they only posted about him after the XXL Freshman cover. One of the reasons why dudes who are nice sometimes don’t get any recognition. Hopsin is that dude.

  • axen

    wow this kid is sick

  • Anon DCPL

    He’s good, but that whole eyeball contact gimmick needs to go.


    haha dam he clowns game on the 3rd verse…too funny

  • ECU

    Funk Volume

  • DaTruthInnaBooth Aka. HopelessHiphop

    I hope Game replies, would be an interesting beef. Interested in seeing if he still got it. If dude can flip tracks like the “Stop Snitchin’, Stop Lein'” days he would eat Hopsin alive, although I doubt it.

    Game is about his family and shit. He didn’t even answer to that “Love, Hate, Love” joint where 50 clearly threw shots at him. So yeah, even if he replied Hopsin is too hungry for Game.

    The westcoast don’t need this beef right now but I would love to see the outcome.

  • he got a flow i can tell you that and he comical in way that makes a and song is dope

  • The Mak

    LOL at the Game shot

  • Protest

    i cant take this dude serious…and this beat sucks so that makes it worse

  • dear mr.protest
    hop around in 4 days – if you still don’t like it…
    you’re a bunny.
    have a nice day.

  • F.I.V.E.

    Rap Radar never posted a Hopsin post before, the only reson this shit was posted because he dissed Game on it, trust me, Rap Radar are the biggest Game haters on the net, fuckin faggots. “Yellow Nigga”, pfft, sounds like a muthafuckin joke.

    Song is wack, & Game would eat this kid on a track which I hope happens anyway, I don’t think he will respond.

    Funny how the same clown singin “don’t ride my dick”, been riding Em’s 90’s dick hard…. Clown ass, attention craving ass nigga.

  • “I know there’s a whole lot of niggas who wonder why I keep dissin’,
    I ain’t trippin’, just listen, I’m on a discrete mission
    Rappers speaking on drugs, money and deceive women
    For a check while they boss grillin’, sitting on his seat spinnin’
    That’s like a fallace crime, so somewhere down the line
    I was bound to rise to make a difference and now it’s time
    I know you rappers is about a dime
    But it’s hard for me to live when you corrupting minds I’m surrounded by”

    I swear, nobody pays attention to Hopsin’s lyrics for real.