Danny Brown Gets Hit By Lemon At SXSW

Whatever happened to tomatoes? Following being hit by a lemon at his Fader Fort show, Danny spoke on the incident backstage during his chat with Fuse. Damn, was his performance that sour?

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  • lmao

    we dont give a damn man

  • Black Shady

    lmao. first Jeremih gets a drink to his face for lipsyncin…now this nigga gets a lemon

    lmao you artists need to stop foolin the people….where the talent at?

  • Crack-Spitta

    I’d throw a brick of explosives @ that nigga.

  • fuk waka

    should hav thrown an grenade on dat faggot!

  • tohottie1

    WHo the fuck is this guy, I’ve never heard of him, he’s weird yo, lol.

  • the void

    lol where were the goons?

  • Wave

    This is the only footage you have from his set? A fuckin lemon? I’m going to HypeTrak…

  • FUCKBOY,FUCKBOY,FUCKBOY *Rick Ross Voice* lol

  • Fuckboy!

  • MR.M.

    cuz u suck nigga! we dont play that shit here in ATX

  • Michael A.

    I like how he tries to take it back when he says “I’ve done shit like that before”, wonder if that’s confirmation that he was throwing bottles at the Detroit OF show that ended early…

  • jb

    fuck wit all dis niggas tom bout dat nigga throwin shit a hater n danny brown dat deal yall niggas dont respect tha fact that he a real nigga on a whole notha level dat nigga hip hop yo real shit
    detroit stand up

  • phraynkh

    real talk he killed that show though