Lil Wayne Performs At DEWeezy Event

After announcing his new campaign with Mountain Dew, Mr. Carter celebrated in the right way and held a concert during SXSW last night at the Austin Music Hall. Above, is a clip of Weezy making his grand entrance courtesy of Mikey Fresh. He also shot his commercial.

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  • beezy


    fuckin’ gud!!!

  • GrimGenius

    My brother was there, he said the show was poppin.

  • GrimGenius

    Is it me or is lil wayne & lupe fiasco the only rappers that don’t really co-sign other rappers?

  • uhuh

    idk about lupe. but weezy dont care about any1 outside his camp

  • mrjay7

    Sooooooooo every rapper on YMCMB is t consigned by Wayne? Oh ok. Didn’t know.

  • Uh Yea

    Lupe co-signed Lil B and so did Wayne….cheezy

  • Fengswag

    Wayne co-signed Kendrick Lamar & Jay Rock, if you didn’t know

  • Money Boy

    The only rapper outside YMCMB that Weezy cares about is Juelz Santana.

  • Fengswag

    Wayne co-signed Kendrick Lamar & Jay Rock, before they even were poppin

  • True

    ^^ Wayne never cosigned lil b, he had him on a mixtape

  • Black Shady

    Who caressssssssss who this fruit co-signs? this nigga went on stage with a motherfuckin skateboard WTF -______-

  • weezy also co-signed 2chainz before he started poppin, hence why he did the “duffle bag boy” song with him

  • True

    @Black Shady Whats wrong with the skateboard? it screams gay? Skating is feminine now? You’re just hating.

  • Nahh

    Shitted on black shady lmao

  • Weezy is a dickrider with whoever is hot at the moment. He’s currently co-signing Odd Future’s movement, that’s why he changed his style to look like he skateboards. That motherfucker is wack as hell

  • Jaymalls

    Wayne consigned hundreds of people throughout his career… During his carter 1-2 days he consigned pharrell and the clipse before they banned him from wearing BAPE and dissed him on two songs!

    Wayne consigned all of DIPSET around that time as well… Wayne stole cam and Julez style IMO and made it into his own during his mixtape run!

    During that mixtape run, Wayne name dropped Kanye more than The Game! He also raped on a lot of Kanye’s beats all the way up to the Carter 3!

    The list goes on and on!

  • MR.M.

    get tha fuk out of ma city nigga!

  • AK

    This guy has a red bandanna “Blood” yet he is wearing a blue shirt..smh

  • Mic on

    @Jaymalls i see you on every site with your Anti Wayne campaigns… get a life fanboy. Weezy had the most hyped show in Austin period

  • Disgusted

    Can this guy be anymore fake? Blood bandana in the pocket, rocking blue?
    There’s like ZERO gangsta about this cat anymore.
    Tha Block Is Hot Weezy would shit on him.

  • Y U MAD

    That intro was sick… some rock shit.

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