Rick Ross Announces European Tour

Starting next week, the Teflon Don will be venturing across the pond for his Rich Forever tour. The 14-stop trek begins March 21 in France and wraps up in Manchester UK.

March 21 – Lille, France – Zenith De Lille
March 22 – Zurich, Switzerland – Komplex 457
March 23 – London, UK – Proud 02 Arena
March 24 – Amsterdam, Holland – The Sand
March 25 – Toulouse, France – Le Phare
March 26 – Oslo, Norway – Sentrum Scene
March 28 – Bordeaux, France – Espace Du Lac
March 29 – Lyon, France – Le Transbordeur
March 30 – Geneva, Switzerland – Geneva Arena
March 31 – Paris, France – Dock Pullman
April 1 – Berlin, Germany – Columbia Halle
April 2 – London, UK – Proud 02 Arena
April 3 – Birmingham, UK – Birmingham Ballroom
April 4 – Manchester, UK – Manchester Apollo

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  • napster

    yeahhhhhh boyyyy

  • Sam

    As much as I like his music, he’s a terrible live performer.

  • firealarm

    haters can hate but Ricky stays winning

  • sonny carson jr.

    Jeezy isn’t doing overseas gigs lol

  • Facts

    @ sonny carson jr

    That is not true…..The Hustlerz Ambition tour is in parts of Europe as well…..get your facts straight before you hate. where are Ross’ plainum plaques? Where is his new album? Oh well…..

  • sg

    Surprised he’s let in the UK considering he’s such a “kingpin” in the drugs game. Oh, sorry he made that all up.

  • Bobsapp

    He needs to get his fat ass to Sweden

  • Da

    i didnt know people in europe liked ross

  • haze

    off mixtapes im tourin

  • smv



  • Truth.

    *DEAD* @ facts

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  • DoinTooMuch

    To the nigga that said Ross got more money than jeezy is hella stupid.

  • R.Cey

    This guy’s ’bout to have another seizure travelling across 4 different countries in 4 days!!!
    Gotta respect the effort

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • lmao

    Dont come to Marseille stupid fat ass ugly bitch we gonna rob ur fuckin ass

  • Carol

    To announce a show a week before it’s pretty uh…hazardous?

  • J

    What Bobsapp said!

  • kayandgee

    the london dates are sold out!! long time ago

  • CoolC

    Saying Rick Ross has more anything then jeezy is like saying Derek Ross has more Money then Jordan

  • shawtysaidtwo9

    hahahahah that is all i can fucking say…….. when hating goes wrong….. ”jeezy aint doing overseas” nigga jeezy is going to europe with the hustlaz ambition tour get your facts right before u trynna downfall annybodyy dumb ass!!!!

  • shawtysaidtwo9

    please jeezy is so rich been had deals since like 05 smh adidas belvedere vodka and many other…. ross been in the game long time and now he popps up as hot lmfaooooo…… JEEZY BEEN THERE DONETHAT………. where were yall jeezy haters when he was running the rap game? where …. smh where were yall ross dickriders like in 09? early 10? smh the so called ross fans is corny respect to the old one’s and mature ones! who been fucking with him since back then…… like before bmf song and all that

  • ayaaah

    @carol-rick ross announced the dates a while back, it wasn’t “a week before”….

  • Me


  • Real music

    All the success in the world can never take away the fact of being a fake fucking fraud….