• Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Really?? Are there any rappers that like the President other than the fact hes fucking Black??
    I bet none of them even know his political platform. This is how Obama hijacked the election cause he knew people would vote for him solely cause hes black. What a fucking joke….

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Are you guys screening comments now?? Really??

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Good look! Umma prolly cop me a pair next month!! SOUL > BEATS

  • TheRealBigHomie

    The headphones look cheap.

  • IceMan

    Shoutout to Tim Lee VA Stand Up

  • Derek

    does every rapper have a pair of headphones now?

  • Rap’s Radar

    @ TIm Lee or maybe Obama won the election because his policies and beliefs were better than those on the other side. But this isn’t about Obama’s policies..this about how he’s going to use those headphones to listen to everything but Ludacris’ music.

  • Big Boi

    Timva just a racist cracker. nuff said

  • it’s not really racist from Tim VA, he’s just asking…
    Because if you think about it, when was the last time hip-hop or an urban culture got behind a presidential campaign and encouraged people to vote, before a black candidate, Obama, was running?

    I mean, if I was black I probably would have been just as ecstatic and enthusiastic to get behind Obama, but at the same time I have plenty of friends who I know that couldn’t tell me shit about Obama’s campaign but voted for him based off the fact that he was black.

  • mothAfuckinPrince

    Fuck Obama . Ron Paul 4 president !

  • Who What

    Why are people giving Obama free stuff
    Dude is already rich..

  • Sam from FL

    @Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Because he had soooo much competition last election LMAO. Only way he won was by cheating huh?…….idiot

  • Jus10

    Nice business move. If Obama sports these headphones in a photo, Soul’s stock will skyrocket! On another note, VOTE RON PAUL.

  • Johnny Walker

    @yesssir and @timVA,

    Yesssir, maybe there wasn’t a viable black candidate befroe Obama? Let’s be real, Sharpton wasn’t politically viable, he ran on the basis that he was black. If you say people are just supporting Obama cause he’s black, why did Herman flounder in the Republican race?

    And Tim, you’re assuming black people voted for him just cause he was black. Black people can’t make consious political decisions like the rest of mankind?

    People (white, asian, and EVEN black people) always discredit black people just because they’re black. Like Kanye said, “Racism’s still alive, they just be concealing it.”