A$AP Rocky SXSW Show Ends In Brawl

A$AP Mob’s set ended early last night at Vice’s showcase at 1100 Warehouse after someone pelted the crew with beer cans that later escalated a massive brawl ( 2:20 mark). Not our idea of drinks on him. Says Fuse:

15 minutes into Rocky’s energetic set, at around 3:30 am, one of Rocky’s crew had his do-rag taken from his head, causing the rapper to stop the show in an attempt to find out who took it. Minutes later, someone from the crowd lobbed a full beer can on stage, nearly hitting a member of Rocky’s crew, dubbed the ASAP Mob. The rapper stopped the show again while the crew tried to find the culprit, with one of the mob almost jumping into the crowd. To his credit, Rocky defused the situation, though said that if anyone threw anything other than water, there would be consequences.

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  • Jacob

    ASAP keeping it real

  • Harlem in the muthafuckin building!



  • The Riddler

    No lie, I would of stabbed the entire crew then walked away casually. Even if I wasn’t the one throwing shit. Just for the simple fact they tried to pull some shit like that, you have one mixtape out bruh.

  • Collar Cali

    His crew will be his down fall…. like 1 other dude out of the 20 of them actually have talent. They need to sit in the back like Drake crew…. they are NOT Odd Future….

  • the void

    haha theyre not tough at all. the one kid had his yellow rag snatched and he had his panties in a bunch.

  • Ivy blue Hov

    @ Jacob, ASAP keeping it real stupid!!!!

  • Beaming

    IntertneT thugs claiming to stab someone…… Pause on that……..and if u wouldn’t go after ppl who throw shyit at u like someone said they would in here your straight puszy

  • Geez

    Yeah. What happened again? Someone jumped in the crowd and…… *video only shows black and has a bunch of noise and goes off*

  • Kill

    No lie, you would have laid down and taken your ass-beating like you deserve. STFU eThug.

  • potato

    YALL KNOW WHY THIS NIGGAS act so hard beacuse the only people who was there was some white kids smh…… if it was niggas they wouldnt do shieeettt!!!!


    It was Odd Future. They wanna finish what Pac started. I saw Asap CHOKING TYLER.

  • man they not actin hard.. but u can only make so many threats before u have to do something. if the mob would’ve let that shit slide, EVERY1 woulda been goin in on em

  • monkeys..

  • BerkleeD.O.

    @A$AP Rocky lose ur boys, mang.

  • ACE

    Hov’s SXSW performance > ASAP’s SXSW performance

  • Trilla

    yall niggas trippin’ so what they got one mixtape out they still dont deserve to be disrespected

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