Katy Perry Covers “Niggas In Paris”

“This is about to get real embarrassing”

You damn right. Across the pond, Katy Perry and her Yankee fitted hit the

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  • mac DIESEL

    @ Big Homie

    “Actually, it wasn’t that bad at all”



  • Truth83

    it was…. interesting

    ya know… ninjas in paris

  • TheChosenOne

    It wasn’t that bad for some karaoke shit. Watch her put out a rap album now. I blame Nicki Minaj.

  • TheBroKing

    Mac diesel did he change what he originally said?

    Also there’s no comma after “damn”. Its so funny when pop stars do cover of raps it sounds so out of place for them to be bragging like that

  • Chubby

    This is why Katy Perry is dope… baby girl can actually sing. #talent

  • Joe Nasty

    what’s gucci my ninja

  • ronnie coleman

    stfu chubby, that shit was terrible you fat fuck. and what kind of faggot uses hashtags on a rap blog? people like you are whats wrong with society today

    also a big LOL to rapradar. you guys first said it wasnt bad, then you edited the post to say it was? you niggas fold faster than superman on laundry day

  • Dee

    that shit cray

  • F.I.V.E.

    Niggas gettin butt hurt “that was terrible, that was wack, etc…” it’s Katy Perry, the fuck did you expect?

  • to me it was dope cause its like she turned the song into her own think about it..if she had come out with this song for herself that joint would have sound dope to most of us but she did her think can’t hate.

  • Jaymalls


  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    I’ll still titty fuck her!

  • jerzy

    “watch me imitate the porch monkeys”

  • shady

    Hashtags on a rapsite is for faggots? Everybody who uses it anywere is a fucking faggot.

  • ODC

    Beat as hot. Sick actually

  • Anon DCPL

    Yo is RapRadar still on their Nazi shit, blocking certain ip’s n shit?

  • WACK!!!!!!

  • idc

    this is sexy

  • M.T

    this cover was actually pretty good.

  • ACE

    I was waiting on that Hoe to say the word Nigga… She ain’t bout dat life!! HA!

  • darkcaesar

    Its always awkward when whites want to say ‘nigga’ but fill it in or mumble over it. Just say nigga or dont sing the damn song cuz we already know ya’ll say it in private. lol

  • Man that is blasphemy. Katy Perry is hot as fuck but put the mic down and leave it to Jay and Ye. Follow me @DylSuarez

  • *Oink* Imma Kitten

    that was dope for katty perry tryin something new

  • Protest

    this shit is weird


    OK, I AM WHITE AND I SAY ” GOT MY NIGGAS IN PARIS AND WE DOING GORILLAZ” – so now the song’s cool, right ??? That’s Funny. The whole NIGGA shit is funny. If black people don’t like this word – then don’t use it…. or it GETS THE PEOPLE GOING. HA! HYPOCRACY.

    • hernandayoleary

      LOL, so a white woman makes a racist song about niggas in paris, and blacks get blamed for it. Please, white people grow up and take some responsibility for your own actions. As for the less than 1% of black people who are rappers and use the term nigga, most of them have criminal records, strangely I don’t see a rash wave of whites going out selling drugs and shooting people in copying black rappers. actually snce when did white people use drug dealing gangster rappers as the model of what whites should do? And then you got the white music execs who demand black musicians put the nigga word into every song. So if whites don’t want to be perceived as racist stop being racist!

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