• >_

    Mos aka Yassin is the epitome of an MC!!

  • o_0

    Mos aka Yasiin is the epitome of an MC!

  • Good god, that shit was FIRE!

  • HAQ

    his new gay mic in full effect #lame. Used to be a fan, till i heard the second album LOL what a waste.

  • so is he going to always be using that red mic now?

  • @HAQ A red microphone is gay? Not sure how that one works…

  • e

    hes had that red mic for years now

  • rahrahrah

    That is the way it’s done. No dope was sold, no body was murdered, no women were disrespected, no race was held back, pure enlightenment, pure funk. This is what it’s all about. Fun was had.

  • recordpusher

    Go back and listen to the “Ecstatic” album. It’s incredible.


    man, what the fuck is wrong with you people. dude gives out new music and verses and you losers are talking about the color of his microphone?

    you fools see him hold the mic to his mouth? you ever think you might want to own a real nice and personal microphone if you’re going to be a professional performer? do you guys really not use your brains or what? turn the volume up and stop saying stupid shit.

  • missedgyc

    FIRRRRREEEE (as usual)

  • Foekist

    WTF is a Yasiin Bey? GTFOH!!!
    One of the most over-rated MC’s, ever! Thank God he is a great actor.

    Mos aka Yassin is the epitome of an MC!! < That made me laugh out loud, for real. WTF was his freestyle all about? Eat to live or is it live to eat. Never heard that b4 lol wic wic wack

  • Foekist

    Shite as usual