2012 XXL Freshmen Freestyle Cyphers

[vodpod id=Video.16249498&w=540&h=350&fv=%40videoPlayer%3D1519237731001%26amp%3BplayerID%3D735056477001%26amp%3BplayerKey%3DAQ%7E%7E%2CAAAAj36EHhk%7E%2C2pR1tWM5uViEGY2aJlYd-RLIcAd9f-as%26amp%3Bdomain%3Dembed%26amp%3BdynamicStreaming%3Dtrue]

Remember that list? Well whether you’re

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  • g-cass

    this just got worse… and worse… and worse… and worse… and then Danny Brown started.

  • D

    hopsin is basically the only one who can rap

  • mac DIESEL




  • This was bleak.

  • e

    danny and hopsin were nice. maybe they should have waited on asap

  • XXL list is officially a joke

  • Tigerrrrrr


  • They should kick Future off the cover for that shit he just spit. Hopsin is an animal though.Danny Brown is straight.



  • killzone

    waiting for Don Trip

  • Truth and Honesty

    Danny Brown ate everyone

  • Jager


  • Micah

    Hopsin was nice they all was nice, yall knw the only one that truly freestyled was future

  • CTE World

    If Gibbs was on here he would’ve crushed all of them…it wouldn’t even be fair

  • Nigga kill yoself -____- ^^^^^^^^^

  • Santa

    Only one who came weak was Future. Hopsin, MGK and Danny Brown went in. I don’t even LIKE Danny Brown but I was feelin him here

  • brocky

    wtf man only faggots wear contacts man and danny brown got a fucking bang quit it

  • JsDad81

    MGK the only one that did anything!!

  • MR.M.

    hahaha!!!!! props to hopsin for standing out compared to the rest of these jokes…

  • The Good Dr. Steve Brule

    These kids are all faggots. Unbelievable.

  • MRJAY7

    This is THEE. WORST. ………………………………….. EVER.

  • Get Real

    Future’s freestyle is why ppl are laughing @ your list XXL. Smh. If Roscoe Dash can out spit you there’s A LOT to be said about your lyrical prowess or lack there of.

  • Uh Yea

    man so dude gt a perm and bangs, one got eye contacts?, MGK was aite but he is about nothing, Roscoe…I guess, but Future why?????????????????/

  • oakland73rd

    HOPSIN was the only real spitter almost sounded like he was going at every body else. Future Future Future no I know why I don’t listen to ignant shit just like the rest

  • killzone

    Don Trip Guerrilla mixtape of the year 2012 thats my opinion

  • Anon DCPL

    “We welcome change and openness; for we believe that freedom and security go together, that the advance of human liberty can only strengthen the cause of world peace. There is one sign the RapRadar internetz can make that would be unmistakable, that would advance dramatically the cause of freedom and peace, Mr. Elliott Wilson,if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the US of A and the rest of the world, if you seek liberalization, come here to this gate. Mr. Yellow Nigga, open this gate. Mr. Yellow Nigga, Mr. Yellow Nigga, tear down this proxie wall!”

    -Ronald Reagan

  • M.T

    hahaha future was garbage. Hopsin and MGK are the only ones who stood out.

  • calamitycal

    Wasnt worth a listen because no body freestyle’d .Each rapped written rhymes. Just call the rap a cypher and exclude the word freestyle. Just wasnt worth a listen.

  • the order it went in is the order of those who killed it…hopsin did is thing

  • da realest

    they all were nothin special
    none of them will be as big as big sean,wiz khalifa,big krit

  • D’jusee

    Hmmm…’ole ASAP Rocky looks really smart right about now cuz who would want to be grouped with those rappers?

  • Big L’s Ghost

    Hopsin is the only person that can rap in this video……XXL is doin the same thing the source did started off hot and turned to shit

  • HK

    Not a fan of Hopsin but did his thing. Danny Brown was cool. MGK was cool but seemed nervous…kind of rushed it.

  • Joe Nasty

    Hopsin is lucky that Rocky turned down to be on the list and XXL slept on Action Bronson and Mr. MFN eXquire

  • CapsWarrior

    CTE World says:
    Tuesday, March 20 2012 at 12:58 PM EST
    If Gibbs was on here he would

  • The Mak

    Hopsin killed it.

    Fake ass MGK

  • MHarstad

    Future was almost on OJ da juiceman’s level and Danny Brown wasn’t even good…

  • realtalk

    they definitely should have put the artists names on the screen as they started their verse, i don’t know who anybody besides hopsin and mgk is, and that’s only because hopsin is self-made and has been tourning the country for a couple of years now, and mgk is white.

  • MG mathafuckin KKK killed it. To you other mathafuckin rappers in that cipher with expection of 2Chains cause he don’t have to rap….but all the rest go buy MGKKK album and support HIP HOP!

    Mac Mooney

  • Rich

    XXL ruining their credibility

  • Damn… Hopsin killed it so bad…. it’s not even fair… Everyone looked stupid next to Hop

  • jhsdfa

    Hopsin killed it