Funkmaster Flex Rant Against DJ Clue

Flex snatched DJ Clue’s Nicki Minaj exclusive and he’s got something to say about it. Radio Wars ’12. The saga continues.

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  • G money

    Someone shoot this guy already!

  • Jay B

    This shit was hilarity…..CLASSIC shit Flex…drop bombs on em

  • TrueGod

    Wow DJ Are Ready To Get It Poppin! Are They Serious

  • TeeCartt

    Called my man Charlie Brown AND a ‘BoxHead’ Cornball. SO disrespectful. LMAOO

  • teejay

    Funk flex is awful. Competition? You just hit buttons. Radio DJ’s are the worst. He has to be the most annoying DJ on the planet.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    DJ Clue is a laid back type of dude. Flex is always going off about dumb stuff.

  • get bucks

    Flex sunt him

  • WestCoastDramaKing


  • Stephen

    No matter what u think of it, Flex is hilarious

  • Andrew

    Charlie Brown… you’ll never kick the football! DEADDDDDD

  • Michelle

    Two grown ass men fighting over a Nicki Minaj record…..this can’t be life.

  • fatass

    He hit the bike at 9.30…he got off the bike at 9.31

  • jp

    lmaoooooooooooooo g money ain’t lying daw a dick sucker

  • Loaded


  • Capon


  • But…

    The internet stole the exclusive early this afternoon actually :/

  • Loaded

    i fuckin hate Funk Flex. nigga is so annoying

  • Capon


  • wtf

    who gives a fuck?…….the song sucks…….grown men beefing over a pop record…….smh!!!

  • DickRiding YN

    IDK about Flex talking about other guy’s looks. First, it’s suspect. Second, you’re fat , ashy and old.

  • DickRiding YN

    Fuck YN

  • Anon DCPL

    grown men primadonna niggas smh

  • Jus Sayin’

    Grown men beefin’ over a new Nicki Minaj record? I’m in utter disbelief that this is what it has come to.

  • Peekay

    the first DJ to play a mediocre record and one that will be subsequently played hundreds of thousands of times by thousands of DJs. stupid. DJ soap opera.

  • wizsucks

    lol what a Faggot

  • Slime Ball

    How come the song that started all this isnt even on RR??? Nicki Minaj ft 2 Chainz

  • kareem

    all this over a nicki minaj song, bruh. i would understand if he was ranting about snatching the new jay-z single or something of an equivalent nature…but for onika??? l-o-l

  • Anon DCPL

    Where 2PAC @ mannnnn, fuck this this nigga and his annoying ass sound effects

  • Anon DCPL

    This fat nigga sounds like a bitch on her rag complaining about her boyfriend not giving her enough attention.

  • LuxuryRap

    Flex doesn’t play fair at all lol

  • Fab

    Fuck FLex! I Wish Someone Would Beat His Black Ass Already!

  • Cray Fish

    Funk flexin hard trying to get that hype and stay relevant…DJ Clue gave us Fantastic Four pts. 1 and 2.

  • joey

    what song was it prolly was some shit for real lol

  • Collar Cali

    *Grabs Popcorn*
    This may get good…

  • ROC585

    I’m rocking with fidel cashflow on this one. Flex is a fag and not to mention a 2 pac hater. Retire flex your music game is wack

  • recordpusher

    Clue had 12 marbles on the table.. Flex took them all with one swipe.


  • Fab

    Fuck Flex He Is A Old Cunt I Swear…

  • recordpusher

    Charlie Brown… you will never kick the football

  • Black Shady


    this nigga interviewed 50 and Jay way too much!!!!!!! lmao now he wanna b like them and talk that shit hahaha

  • WestCoastDramaKing

    Flex Hogan hahaha

  • sonny carson jr.

    #box lmmfatfo

    That record was wack as fuck!

  • Kareem

    All over a fucking Nicki record. S-M-H

  • Funk Flex Doing What Flex Does…

    You’ve Got To Love It…

  • The King

    Ultra Lame!!! Niggas beefin over a nicki minaj song!!! Am i the only one witnessing this shit??

  • whtttttttt

    ll thiss over beez in the trap feat 2chainz i heard the record and its nothing special


  • FuckYourLife


  • FuckYourLife

    Shout outs to flex for keeping dj clue relevant

  • Can somebody get this nigga Flexa seat? Fuck outta here with that bullshit, fighting over a Nicki song.. SMH

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Hey Flex you fucking faggot DJ CLUE had a record deal way before your bitch ass did, way more of a legend than your bitch ass. Fuck you. and what is a Nicki Minaj record nowadays? No one likes that dumb Cunt.

  • yeahisaidit

    I cannot stand me some funk fatass flex . He has emotions like a woman . Why is he still on the radio . The background noise is so annoying

  • Marv

    Flex Hogan shut up who cares about who played a record first , worry about ur boy Misses Cee lol follow me on twitter @DooDoo_Brown1

  • BarackObamaJr

    Flex is an attention whore struggling to stay relevant…Him and Mr. Cee need to rent a room

  • neks

    funk flex is wacccccck now. sorrry boys. whose next

  • P

    ^Actually no he didn’t, Flex had joints out in ’95 (Nuttin’ But Flavor/60 Mins. of Funk, etc. etc.) and even prior to that with 9-MM. As far is this shit, it’s kinda petty.

  • ????

    *facepalm* With adults like this who needs kids smgdh u’r 44 man FORTY FOUR YEARS OLD please just stop

  • haq

    Fuck fuckmaster fags

  • Crew Love

    annoying ass fuck
    Clue got owned tho

  • Truthkicker


  • recordpusher

    it was about ratings… not really the Niki song.. flex just played it before Clue did after clue was braging about it all day.

    Tim Lee… your history..

    Flex was putting out singles on labels from 1991-1993.
    He dropped his official “mixtape album’ in 1995.

    Clue dropped his first album in 1998.

  • Your Life Is a Lie

    And you wonder why the NY scene died off

  • Radio DJ’s are still relevant?

  • so many things wrong with what flex just did

  • daaamn Homie….

    hey Tim Lee^^
    Flex had a deal with loud and wreck in the 90’s long before clue. Flex won…Clue been wack since he stopped droppin mixtapes in the mid 90’s

  • Tre

    So much for all that negativity brought to the game by 2Pac. Funkmaster Flex is so full of shit

  • MikeLew

    .. It’s really NOT tht serious

  • DJ_T3C

    Flex lovin nicki’s booty over a pop record..smh LAMEEEEEEEE

  • These are the dynamics and competition that has made Hip-Hop the force it has been. We need to transfer this type of comic genius to the music. Flex is a comedian!

  • Flex been lost my respect when he dissed Tupac!!!!!

  • @KingofTeez (twitter)

    flex is my dude.. his blog goes hard. inflexwetrust

  • Clue has more listeners than

  • TH

    Say what you want, but that sh*t was funny as hell!!!!

  • County Of Kings

    reading all these comments, the majority of yall have no idea what your talking about or the impact flex has on hiphop.
    yea he just a dj, but he a dj, in nyc, on the hottest station in the game for 20yrs strong. what rapper doesnt make it his business to visit funk flex? what rapper dont visit flex wit a hot freestyle ready to spit? when is the last time u saw a dj clue interview online? or a dj clue exclusive? or a dj clue radio freestyle from your favorite rapper??? the only exclusive dj clue got recently is fabs interview over the ray j shit. and as u can see thats fab and clue, his desert storm label. if it wasnt for that flex wouldve gotten that also.

    u idiots in here think this is over a nicki record? really?
    flex is annoying but the day he leaves hot97 u gonna see major changes in the industry. he is very important in the grand scheme of artist moving units. u think he just a average radio dj, but what other dj in the country gets the content that flex gets???? angie, but thats about it.

  • they got me trapped


    lol @ Clue

    pawn ass nigga

  • we don’t believe you you need more people. GTFOHWTBS

  • Noo

    Funk Flex is gay