New Music: Big K.R.I.T. “I Got This”

K.R.I.T. sure got this game on lock. And after a few delays and a live debut, the mp3 was finally premiered moments ago during Shade 45’s Toca Tuesdays show. Radio rip courtesy of Al for now.


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  • roley on these mothafuckin hoes


  • Anon DCPL

    Dope shit man, krit never disappoints. Whoever the DJ is, he sounds mad lethargic lol.

    krit,nipsey,black hippy,asap illest dudes out right now.

  • MikeNDtown

    jammin…need cdq though

  • King Remembered

    I got to have this in my whip, krit is in a another lane, get with it.

  • uk wanna cum inswiiii

    defo buying his n meeks album:))))))))))


    this is the best KRIT track i ever heard.

  • Phillmatic

    Now this is Hip-Hop right here. i think he got it.

  • Citylivin’

    even the single cover art is dope…shit!


    this nigga the truth

  • neaiskinktuman

    Dope SHIT !!! . Krit is the illest right now . shiit . Im waiting for this dude album more than any other artist album . Fuck these haters and fuck these hoes !

  • Madenrock

    This nigga is soooo fucking crazy im bout to spazz out! deff my fav rapper sorry jeezy he took your spots in just 2 years.!!!!!!!

  • thugler

    in KRIT we trust

  • Rapper2Freedom

    I like the song, but the hook is annoying common K.R.I.T your better then this… allow all that cursing.

  • jj

    glad he made a different clean version so it can get some radio play

  • j

    man this is some below average big krit. chorus is whack, beat cold, verses are average. 4evaNaDay and now this??? krit needs to expand beyond his own production

  • Kay

    J u just hating………..everything was good and this has potential to be a HIT but the hook could be better i agree with you on that…… but the beat was coooold and verses was dope decent.,,

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  • Sealey

    Yeah DJ should have stayed home today HA. Remind me of this house djs back in the hood house parties

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  • go

    Don Trip & Lito the best from the South

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