Dr. Dre Producing Horror Film

Dr. Dre’s Detox may be on ice, but it looks like he’s got another project out of the freezer. According to Variety, the Doc’s been commissioned to produce

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  • BLB

    bull shit illumanati,I h8t u 4 dat Dre

  • Uh-oh

    Soooooo he cant produce a hit but he can produce films? smh

  • Teron

    Let me guess….So I guess this means Detox is delayed again or??….-__-

  • Classifiedshady

    I heard that the horror film is gonna be a behind the scenes look at the making of detox

  • I’m Stan

    So movie will come out in 2023 ha!

  • mac DIESEL


    ……FUCK YOU DRE!!!!


  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Not surprising he been said he was going into horror movies, I remember he started a production company with Philip G Atwell a few years back

  • Truth.

    and niggas talkin bout WTT not being able to live up to its expectations. i guarantee detox will disappoint many more.

  • Beezy

    Producing a horror film??? How about producing Detox bitch!

  • The Guy


  • Devante

    Hang up Dre and stop give these fans false hope.

  • wickwickwack

    when will people understand that detox is just a promo tool for his headphones

    if he dropped that album ,the interest for dre would stop

  • K

    @Classifiedshady: shit had me laughing

  • Black Shady

    Beezy says:
    Thursday, March 22 2012 at 12:00 PM EST
    Producing a horror film??? How about producing Detox bitch!


  • Slaughter

    Y u all hating hell bring it out when he wants to if he even releases it at all, do something with your lives and hop off, bye now

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Everyday that passes and Detox is not released, they are setting up bigger and bigger disapointment.

  • Sounds fucking horrible.

  • Musikal

    So you can’t produce an album but, you can’t produce a movie come on dre.

  • DETOX 2022 believe that hype its real LOL

  • M.T

    Dre scrapped Detox a long time ago.

  • Severus Snape

    Oh man this is gonna be such a good movie, I can already tell.

  • Farrakhanish

    Dr. Dre that’s a brand name.

  • Unknown


  • dsunn

    produce detox you ass


    Lol all valid points

  • ATG

    Fuck that Dre, give us Detox already!

  • TheCool

    I don’t think Detox will be released honestly. And I’m not tryna hate on Dre but since its been delayed for so long, everyones expectations are huge, and it’ll just end up disappointing everyone no matter how dope it is.

  • Supreme12oz

    Dre make detox already
    Fuck horror films !

  • Jay

    I’m a fan of horror flicks… so I say go for it Doc!

  • Dr. Tuna

    Let’s not forget about his Planets instrumental album lmaoooo

  • Firepower

    Its sad because If the buzz Is true about Dre not releasing Detox, then thats how we’ll remember him..

  • Koma

    Sounds like a shitty movie.

    Dre isn’t going o have any creative input on this at all. He’s just putting up some cash for it and making money from it. Movie producers these days are just investors.

    Detox probably won’t ever come out but if it does I’m getting it. Dre never done wrong by me before.

  • Foekist

    I honestly think that the people should boycott anything that has Dr. Dre’s name on it, until he releases Dextox. And, the fucking internet sites and magazines should stand behind this idea too. It’s us that give this man the power, and he knows that. From what I have read, he is too afraid to release it as it is “too ahead of it’s time”. I think that is for his fans, that have been waiting patiently for it, to decide. If we were to all get together and boycott him until he drops the feckin CD, chances are it would drop sooner rather than later. But then again, what’s the chances of that! (Us coming together)