• Marv

    This is a good line up , imma go to the one in CT ……. follow me @DooDoo_Brown1

  • Joe Nasty

    whatttt. that’s a sick line-up.

  • Gus

    Missin baltimore again. Sweet not.

  • Matty Ice

    uh ohhhhh

  • firealarm

    the venue listed for the Philadelphia date is a stadium in Camden, New Jersey…

  • Black Shady

    Oh word??? no stop in Canada? lol

  • Kill

    That’s a line-up? I was much more tempted by Kendrick and A$AP.

  • Uh-oh

    What a line up? STFU

  • Antho

    ill be at the one in CT. can’t wait

  • Gambino

    booked for Cleveland, hoping he and J Cole perform “In the Morning” that would be dope

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Montana will be that guy at the Ampitheatre performing while im still in the parking lot trying to find a spot hahaha

    J. Cole – nice
    Meek Mill – perform Ima Boss and im done
    Waka – WHY?

    again Montana – it will be daylight when you perform and no one is going to care.

  • BOO

    What a shitty tradeoff. I was pissed about the tour not coming to Denver, then it comes to Denver and I realize A$AP and Kendrick aren’t coming along. Fuckkkkkkk that. Seriously Waka Meek and Montana? Gimmie Rocky, K. Dot, J. Cole and Drizzy and I will easily drop the $120 on that, if not more.

  • juandeez

    lol @ Tim Lee, couldnt agree more. Still tryin to figure out why any of these artists are fucking with Montana. Dude is sooo cake.

  • Rhyno

    Fucks with there bein no Canadian dates? You forget where u came from Drake? Fuck outta here smh

    Oh yah, Fuck French Montana. Dude is hot gaaaabage! lol

  • Kim

    I thought Drake was too good to tour with J Cole now? he said he and ppl like Big Sean were commercial now??? Guess he changed his tune yet again eh? lmaoo

  • @yankeeluvngiant

    woulda been better wit ASAP and Kendrick but oh well

  • Jared

    Gonna see you for the fourth time on May 17th in houston! We have the same birthday man… October 24th. Lets throw a double party WAZAP.

  • ovovo

    wtfffffffff thats a god damn shame he aint coming to canada.. he probably will but before the US.. f***kin dumb americans.. EF them

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