New Video: Meek Mill “Lean Wit It”

Meek Milly kick starts the dirt bikes and rides through the Miami blocks in his new video. Dreamchasers 2 and Self Made Vol. 2 coming soon.


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  • Beaming

    Meek Mill>your favorite rapper

  • 3 Chainz

    MMG stays winning

  • kayandgee

    meek milly 2012 is yours for the taking, out rapping all the young bucks

  • M.T

    any rapper>Meek Mill

  • >_

    I like Meek an all but I just wish he did a song where he didnt have to tell us about his watch or watches…..oh well, He’s having a good time enjoying life and his success….
    Drop that Dream Chasers 2 Meek….summer time coming n we need some more bangers!

  • dll32

    @>_ : I’ll second that !!

  • cream chasers

    real shit he talks about a rolex…or an audemar every single song, we get it homie you got watches…cool but you got anything else to rhyme about? maybe something that niggaz who AINT got $50,000 watches on can relate to??
    jus sayin tho……..*kanye shrug*

  • this was pretty tough!

  • Protest

    Meek has never had substance so when I listen to him, I have no intentions of being given an incredible visual lol. This song is good for what it is

  • lean wit it? how many times are we gonna hear that title and snap your fingers shit is garbage.

  • Reg

    agree with the title part… but where you hear snap yo finges music?

  • JohnB

    I like his cadence but he’s screaming too much…what is the point of being hardcore when talking about hoes, clothes, watches and stacks…I mean…with all these material things you should have a smoother tone now ha ha ha!
    Anyway hope Mill comes with more storytelling stuff like on his mix CD and more details about himself…

    Good points on the video…revamping the RR movement I like that