• NYC

    lol DJ beef > rap beef in 2012

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  • flex and clue please JUST STOP IT..lol

  • Sha

    Ummm… this has got to stop y’all. LOL. In terms of entertainment value? Clue needs to work on his insults. Where’s the Rap Radar fact checker? Are these claims true? Either way this is getting embarrassing for both parties. They too old for this sh*t.

  • toad3527

    is that it?



  • kriz

    flex is a fuckin clown

  • daffysci

    Yeah Clue Won.

  • mac DIESEL



  • daffysci

    Clue won


    Nigga sound like a cornball. The whole “rant” sounds forced and uncomfortable. Niggas need to just play records man this radio beef shit is wack. None of these niggas is bout that life, clue need to keep hangin w/ athletes an leave this shit alone, askin rosenberg to turn on his twitter location lmao. Wheres Kayslay when you need him smh?

  • Collar Cali

    Woooow! Sh*t just got real!

  • Boom

    “You’re gonna get booked in your basement! We’re gonna pay you in popcorn!!” – DJ Clue LMAO! I’m WEAK!

  • tron

    I dont really fuck with neither of them but Flex’s rants are annoying as shit with 50 million bomb sounds and all that screamin foreal he sounds legit retarded. Then again i grew up in baltimore maybe you NY heads feel different about a nigga yellin at you on your radio..

  • Boom

    “You hoe!!” – DJ Clue. I am WEAK! LMAO! Hysterical rant.

  • ODC

    Whoa whoa whoa, Clue, YOUR’RE NOT ABOUT THAT LIFE. Lol

    I swear cats needs to officially take a clue from Tya’s situation. I can’t stand dude that talk trash and will EVER do the dirt themselves.

    That aside, does clue not know there’s tons of inside info on him being a sucker in the industry?

    Anyway, Flex is a bigger sucka. I don’t know, really who more of a trick out those two. Lol

  • Black Shady

    Flex might b the biggest dickrider in NY, but………….

    his rants >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



  • brollya

    clue a hoe too…….kay slay already shut him up.. he jus now wakin up

  • yee

    these guys is both pussy they never said any names = not real beef

  • knowledge

    that nigga a beaatttccchhhhhh

  • NYNigga

    That was some REAL shit lol


  • KeepItReel101

    Clue went iiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!! “We going book you at the P.C. Richards Center & Pay you in popcorn” !!!!! HHHHHAAAAAAA !!!

  • Damn clue keeps loosing damn a “hoe” are we in 3rd grade ? and taking shots at the white boy low class.

    Charlie Brown

  • Tysonzz

    Flex been lost. HE stay getting ethered. First it was by that Tupac rant he did, then by the Breakfast Club then by Clue. This nigga be on 106th Park hosting they wack freestyle battles and shit.

  • pbo

    if flex is a hoe clue is a bitaaach…. been a bitch, early !



  • thunderoustundra

    Nigga just got bodied.

  • Joe

    Clue 1 – Flex 0.

  • Anon DCPL

    not sure if flex & clue are trolling us, or if serious.

    smells like these fake, set up rap beefs.

  • whtttttttt


  • Ocean Frank

    “Radio Wars”zzzZZzzZZzzz…..


    i got 12 bentleys out front

  • Person


  • Acapella

    Damn. Lmao! X-D This shit was hilarious.

  • Lucky P

    tell that nigga clue that his rant super weeeeeeak (2 chainz voice)

  • monsignor G.H.O.S.T.

    Just shut up and play the fucking records. That’s all you gotta do.

  • Lil Haiti

    LMAO…niggass is buggin out right now..smh

  • kayandgee

    yeeeeeeaa thats wassup, made my day

  • Das

    fuck flex.

  • Beezy

    AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clue is a fool for that right there. Had me cryin! LOL!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Clue is getting gangsta ! Funny stuff man.

  • 3 Chainz

    he a ho.Bwahahahahahahaha

  • Rapper2Freedom

    LMAOOO does this idiot know anything about cars? Bentley my a$$

  • dj clue rant > funk master flex rant. seriously tho how old is flex? and hes bitching like a 16 year old girl.. what a loser

  • sealey

    Inside pool….outside pool…HAAAAAA

  • mac DIESEL



  • LMAOOO! 105.1 is winning with the morning show atleast idk about rush hours nshit

  • Fetus Face

    Do Remember lol

  • Reg

    lmao where you live? Cause in no way is the Breakfast club better than Cipha and Rosenberg

  • HAQ

    fuck flunkfagster fags

  • Formposite KING

    OKAY Clue stop frontin…everybody and I mean everybody know your a BYRD////CORNBALL( side bar : DJ Envy as well)…STOP IT 5!!! Your definitely actin out of character and your venting sounds like Flex bro…so just fall back and enjoy your success and leave the cuttin ass to Cdagod…

  • Black Shady

    Funk Flex rants >>>>>>>>>>

  • I dont listen to FM radio, but i do know that Power 105.1 is the #1 station in this city. Thats why Flex keeps starting all these beefs with DJ’s and radio personalities at that station. The reality is HOT97 needs to change in order to compete in 2012, shit FM radio period needs to change,

    I remember when Hot97 use to be a Freestyle & House station back in like 1993, then Flex came and helped them change into something bigger. And thats why Emmis Communications sticks with him. They honestly should of gotten rid of Funk Flex a long time ago.

    Regardless of how we feel about kids now a days, one thing thats for certain is Power 105.1 appeals to that generation.. HOT 97 is losing because they refuse to get some new people in there.

    Again i dont listen to neither station but how in the fuck is Rosenberg and crew expected to compete with DJ Envy, Charlemagne, and Angela Yee.. Not to mention every DJ up at Power 105.1 is in the clubs from Friday thru Sunday.

    This generation spends all its party time in the club, so they identify with Power 105.1 more.


  • all this is gonna be is a make up show later. get money and shut up both of you. corporate thugs.

  • monsignor G.H.O.S.T.

    Just play the fucking records. That’s all you guys have to do… and occasionally let me know what traffic is like at the Holland tunnel. Shut up please.



  • Can I Speak

    “Track King Cole” is talking real stuff… flex, angie, enuff, and even kay slay are out of touch. they need to go.

  • County Of Kings

    @track king cole and @can i speak

    can yall back that up wit stats? yall just talking out your ass. hot97 won the rating competition yet again for the yr of 2011. they won the 18-36 age demographic, the won the morning show rating battle, the afternoon and evening ratings battle. u really talkin out your ass. even if u go to power105.com u will see a big a broadcast of emmis communications redirecting u to hot97.
    and then u give flex his credit, for basically building the brand of hot97 along wit angie and enuff. then u say they shouldve gotten rid of him??? why every poppin rapper in america goes to see flex, every poppin rapper or singer sits down wit angie. who sits wit clue? who sits wit the afternoon person, who is the afternoon person? cherry martinez? really?
    dropping the bomb might be annoying buts thats because its a trademark of the funkflex, just like rappers have lil things that identify them, flex has a bomb. rapper will pay thousands under the table to get a bomb on they record, flex validates who he chooses. what does clue have? what records do clue break? as a dj breaking a record is a big deal, clue is the goat of mixtapes, flex is the goat of radio. he is annoying and old, but he built this shit, and he still got a direct line to speak to jayz, 50, nas, whoever. do these rappers even go to power 105? does clue ever sit wit these heavy hitters? when have u seen a download link to a clue interview? or a clue freestyle?

    i’ll wait

  • Peekay

    If you look at the ratings, they weren’t #1 the previous month or season. Don’t really care about either DJ but I find Flex more annoying.
    The Breakfast Club is a better morning show for interviews but Ciph & Rosenberg are more entertaining.

  • get bucks

    I’m from Jerz andr I’ll tell you now that HOT 97 is washed up, but they definitely laid the foundation after Kiss & BLS went strictly R&B. Power 105 is that wave right now

  • sean

    flex rant was more long and hype
    but clue was more cold and str8 to point
    clue is leading

  • i live in nyc, and i am torn btw both Power 105 and Hot 97.

    I listen to power 105 in the mornings. Think their show is much better than hot 97’s

    I fuck with Mr. Cee’s “old school at noon” if i can…#pause

    Angie always does great interviews around 3-5pm.

    I dont really listen to the radio by the time Flex and Clue get on.

    Both Hot97 and Power 105 have DJ’s that are in the clubs on weekends.

    UNTIL Power 105 is able to put on a show to the magnitude of Hot 97 Summer Jam, they will always be 2nd place.


    Ray J rant ^was better than these niggaz rants, at least Ray’s was entertaining even though he was clearly on that liquor AT LEAST but if you look at the bigger picture it looks like Flex got more ventures (tv shows, events…)and getting Flex to drop bobms on your shit became a classic in rapper’s lyrics then again i ain’t from NY so I dunno if Clue name be ringin off more in the city than Flex’s, Clue did put Fab on though

  • Muscle cars > than euro trash



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  • Get Real

    Clue’s shit talking game is subpar tho. Lol. Hate to admit it but Flex wins.

  • Rock

    “we got a POPCORN machine down there, we gonna pay you in POPCORN” LMAO AWWW HELL NO!!!

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