• slime ball

    His flow is HORRIBLE!

  • shruggin…ehh

    ehhh…..everyday Im shruggin

  • ayysir



  • swang

    A$AP TRILLA! a real freestyle thank! thank god!

  • @donricoesq

    Rocky is a C rapper who has potential to keep getting better….and he’s improved

  • mac DIESEL



  • cmon son

    I dont see why allt he hype over this guy and his kindergarden rhymes, lexus in texas and …… blah blah . He is good for a retarded rapper i guess…

  • hahaha

    This nigga is a model. like he cant rap for shit. all he does is look cool with his homies & screams ASAP. like what is the hype about?

  • smh

    lazy ass rappers…..put NO effort in this n yall eat it up like its the best thing out SMH….yall the reason no one trys anymore, why try if you can just give .0001 of a fuck n get “fans”
    I dug some of his other songs but he misses me with most of the NY/TEXAS shit he be making….ehhh whatever, enjoy the scraps I guess SMH

  • I_know_this

    wow, garbage! “proof is in the puddin and the puddins in the proof”…….lame.

  • Marz

    How many of you fuccks actually know how to freestyle. This shit is ggenuienly off the top, of course its not gonna be fuckin illmatic. Haters.

  • truth hurts

    cant see this being a freestyle off the top of the dome…seen this asap try n freestyle before n he was kyfe…

    over all this kid is gunna keep climbing…..he reminds me of pac…not how he raps or anything….but the realness to him….u can tell this guy loves his homies and loves rap in general….smoking blunts n drinkin 40’s like we used to in the 90’s….type of cat that will pack a gat because he can.

  • Dee Tee

    ASAP is the best that ever did it. FACT!

    50 cent i love you!!!

  • niggaz gone hate cuz dey aint real and das da only reason most niggaz dont undastand asap music cuz dey wack and ima keep rollin blunts bumpin asap and dont foget igot dem 6 12z in my trunk so u knw ah nigga shit be boomin !