• veesky

    Dag, so much 4 being homies

  • Wtf! Dame…. All it takes is a phone call…
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  • Dame stays losing…

  • mac DIESEL

    …….LAME DAME AT IT AGAIN!!!! HA!!!!


  • JustMyThoughts

    I’ll believe it when there is another source aside from TMZ. I might be the only person that does not care for that organization. Really? You follow people around and take pictures? That’s your job? *thinking* One should never source TMZ.


    i remember watchin a video where these two dudes were real buddy buddy, puttin on jewelry together and shit

  • the void

    what music is in question? the pilot talk series? or weekend at bernies?

  • Collar Cali

    Can’t lie….; Damon Dash kept this guy afloat with Creative Control.tv
    We shall see what happens because I read the hole story & this doesn’t sound right…

  • I knew something was up when I saw Curren$y in an interview abduction he didn’t wanna speak about MCC.
    Bad business practices will always catch up to you. Dame needs some W’s on the scoreboard like yesterday

  • Isn’t Dame already broke?

  • TheRealBigHomie

    Dame Dash = living proof that Karma does indeed exist.

  • 4080.

  • yee

    we all know dame dont have this kinda cash


    we all know dame doesnt have that kinda cash

  • Kemosabi

    Friend or foe for real though

  • Real Deal

    Dame don’t have any money, why is spitta wasting his time?

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Jay saw what was coming a long time ago, applaud that man

  • Dc

    Dame is good dude just made some mistakes in his life

  • Black Shady

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLL you cant trust nobody in this business

  • Joe Isuzu

    Co-Sign Your mother’s “friend”… he should’ve went back and listened to “Lost One” It’s not a diss song but just a real song lmao

  • are you serious?! wowwwww

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I guess Damon Dash was spending $$ like crazy instead of saving it. I wonder if Dame would’ve never brought in Cam & Dipset would the ROC still be intact? Jay didnt like that move.

  • phraynkh

    curren$y one of my favorite rappers, but why u wanna fuck dame like that? 1. dame ain’t got that kind of money 2. you were never gonna release that shit anyway why does it matter? #. dame showed him how to get this money, before dame not many ppl gave a fuck about the former young money artist. this is coming from someone who been fuckin wit curren$y since independence day.

  • phraynkh

    thats fucked up…

  • yaboyboyyounglucci

    Haha, get that nigga bruh trying to play u like u was a fool dash no better!!!

  • gammaboi

    Messed up it had to go like this but wow, though.
    Dame was the only who believed in Spitta when he vanished off the face of the earth after TK stole Fly Society, but then again how thankful can you be.
    Dame didn’t put that bread up and Spitta took his talents to Warner.
    Dame putting out albums without Spitta’s consent is wack as hell because at the end of the day it’s business and he’s taking money out Spitta’s pocket.
    Shoulda signed him if he wanted to eat too.

  • Crewz Controll

    And they comin’ to court too , I thought you knew …

  • Grindin

    i thought jay-z was the snake

  • Without his *permission*. LMAO @ “without his discretion”.

  • slick

    dame and kareem are completely lost w/o hov

  • BlackAnastasia

    Dame looks ashy and fucked up ever since Jay bodied his Ass and sent him into HipHop Oblivion.

  • BlackAnastasia

    JayZ really ruined these guys.

  • dodo

    good. now where the hell is pilot talk III?

  • huh

    too bad, i was hoping to see good things come from this partnership its a damn shame, money does that to everyone

  • Young Lucky

    how the fuck does dame NOT have any money? you think they have section 8 or gov’t assisted housing in TRIBECA?!? you niggas are fucking idiots!!

    You assholes keep thinking he’s “our” broke if you want to, lol.

  • StillMyOpinion

    @ YN STOP word that’s all RR do. It’s a bit lame now. Can’t wait to find a diff s-i-t-e.

  • Beatsman

    From NL to CMB to Fly Society to DD172 Spitta always seems to leave camps/labels unceremoniously with things not working out. He’s the common link in all of them, maybe it’s him and not everybody else.

  • Tiiz

    Yup, If you go on Itunes “Muscle Car Chronicles” definitely says released by DD172.

  • Almighty

    From NL to CMB to Fly Society to DD172 Spitta always seems to leave camps/labels unceremoniously with things not working out. He’s the common link in all of them, maybe it’s him and not everybody else. Just saying

  • I Was There

    I shouldnt be postin on this but don’t nobody know the truth so here it go

    1. Spitta never got paid for pilot talk1 or 2
    2. Dame had no permission to put muscle car out
    3. Dame is broke but he do have income
    4. Dame & his lil white girlfriend was livin large while they had rappers, producers, camera people everybody all over dd172 crashed out on beanbags sleepin like they was homeless.
    5. Spitta thought dame was his friend but how long can a man live with no $ coming in from his record sales?

  • phraynkh

    warner was never going to put mcc out so why does it matter? hes not taking money from spitta, he was never going to release it. it was made before he left dd172, im sure warner wants nothing to do with mcc its an indie project dame put together. it shoulda been free though…

  • @Just MY Thoughts

    You’re an idiot, TMZ is probably THE MOST reliable source in the media today, and are pretty much right about EVERYTHING THEY REPORT. Dumbass.

  • get bucks

    Dame Dash hasn’t had Currensy since 2010??? Wow… That’s crazy. I thought they was still down and when son signed to WB I thought Lyor and them was bringin Dame back in to the mix. I was wrong.lol

  • It was to my understanding (let’s assume those two actually had an agreement) that anything recorded under the umbrella of a label, the label has the right to sell the product.

    And for the record, despite the fact TMZ is mostly a gossip and entertainment website, when they want the scoop, they have and ALWAYS WILL get down the exclusive or at least first scoop. They have the reach and money to do so. Remember they were the ones to break the Rihanna story, up-to-date info on the MJ death, and they broke the news (and got the last performance beforehand) of Whitney Houston’s death. Those dudes dont play fair, lol.

  • MMFlee

    [vimeo http://www

    Dame just copped the ghost, he aint broke haha

  • Collar Cali



    Currensy wasn’t saying all this shit when DAME was payin for those hotwings…….

    First YM, now DAME?

  • niggas making it seem like getting your money from somoebody the legal is foul. if you owe the nigga, pay him. thats basically it.

  • Dame ain’t broke

  • JohnB

    I don’t think Dame ripped him off like that…after the smoke clears we’ll see. There is something going on against Dame, cursed? blackmailed/blackballed? or real bad business decisions meaning he needs to learn trust and accountability…
    Dayyyum Dame!!!!

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