• F.I.V.E.

    This nigga’s hooks are hot, no deny.

  • StillMyOpinion

    ^ you’re buggin’

    “Spaz on y’all” that’s what we want to do to wack rappers like this guy.

  • Jordan

    Anyone who thinks dude is a joke needs to listen to Made Myself a Boss, Space Cadets or Itchin’. He’s extremely versatile. Massive, stadium-level hooks, SERIOUS hustler motivational raps. If you can get past his voice/grimy ass accent, you’ll like his music (if you’re not a backpacker).

  • micah

    Cool. Been runnin shit since last summer future.gon blow

  • PublicEnemy

    Wack song wack rapper

  • DoinTooMuch

    @StillMyOpinion I’m assuming you don’t get out much, cause if you did, u would know this dude got the streets on fire right now. Or at least down south he does. Plus the hoes love him, so if u don’t fuck wit him, u get no pussy, IN MY OPINION!

  • yaboyboyyounglucci

    Mixtape is nice 6 cool album worthy cuts on their!! a1 freebandz movement!!!

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