Nardwuar vs. Machine Gun Kelly

The Human Serviette has been on a roll lately, and today he gives us his interview with Bad Boy’s Wild Boy, Machine Gun Kelly at SXSW. No one can beat these interviews.

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  • the void

    this interview of MGK confirmed to me that he is garbage.

  • Lol why because he’s real? He might not be the best rapper but atleast he’s not fake like most people are.

  • The freeze frame is funny EVERY TIME

  • CaliSwag818


  • Just a white guy

    @MUSIC_FEIN There is no way this kid is “real”. The kid try’s so hard to be ghetto. Eminem is the only white rapper that doesn’t make white people ashamed. I am embarassed that V-nasty, kreashawn, iggy the aussie, mac miller, and this scrawny ass MGK kid are representing white hiphop. Makes me sick. The worst part is all these hip hop blogs and site cover them even though they are garbage.