New Music: 360 x DJ Wonder “Woulda Kid”

That makes two of us. Anchored by a Jadakiss sample, 360 recruits Shade 45’s DJ Wonder for the latest leak off his upcoming debut.

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  • kingBENNY

    How come this guy gets so much promo? Im not saying he is wack but I dont know why he has suddenly popped up out of nowhere. He must be backed by someone or a company………right?

  • Mike

    Maybe good music? Duh. I’m fuckin with this!

  • on top of that, NY wants to see their own win. NY hip-hop hasn’t really been as good as its reputation for the last couple years. and 360 is a breath of fresh air from NY — so of course, RapRadar, a NY based website, is going to def put on for their own.

    Plus he is a dope emcee.

  • JustMyThoughts

    Did Ne-Yo change his name?

  • Chris

    Sounds good. looking foward to it

  • M.T

    “Did Ne-Yo change his name?”

  • kingBENNY

    @yesssir: I have a feeling you are 360. Or maybe one of his friends. Jokes. I stick by my original statement.

  • B.Dot

    u sound like a woulda kid ha!

  • Who What

    360 is getting better and better everytime.
    But still that track of him illing on common’s blue sky is his best.

  • Chubby

    dis dude is the next Jae Millz….

  • MegaMind

    I’m a NY’er and I NEVER heard of this cat! Who is he…his music is middle of the road at best!
    And i’m keep it one hunned, hunneds LOL…this dude LOOKS lame as hell. Nothing compelling about duke. Come on RR…i know nepotism/relationships play SOME part in this bc on the real I wanna know how cats like this and Fat Trel (did I say that right?) etc get’s constant posts??

  • 1 Chaaaaiiiinnnnn

    @MegaMind… Rap Radar isn’t the only one that post him. I seen dude on XXL and The Source website. I think he aight. The plus is that he don’t sound like every other New York nigga. His songs actually song like songs and not freestyles or that psychedelic ASAP trash rap. Once enough people like him, other niggas will jump on the wagon how they usually do… He cool wit me

  • Trep Bellafonte

    @Mega Blind,Adolph Hitler looked lame as hell, do some research on the impact he left. Or do some more gay porn, someone will write an article on the way you spit on the Mic. Damn I’m great!

  • @ king benny, couldnt agree more with BOth of your comments.

  • that guy

    haters gon hate. u must be a rapper trying to get on rapradar. this shit is hot. its a dope concept.