• Crew Love

    Crack is nice Mo’fo!
    such a waste.

  • Coco loco

    I like peedie. This was just ok. Mitch n ness must of funded the video.

  • Is it me or did Meek take peedi flow and run with it?

  • Nigga still got it

  • Peedi is a few years toooooo late, snapbacks have already gone mainstream and there’s close to a few hundred other ‘snapback’ anthems that I know of in the ‘bloggersphere’.

    The beat is nice though but Peedi’s too old to talk all this tom foolery, I think a clean shave could of helped because in some shots he looks down and out like after the ROC situation dried up he started smoking pipe rock.


  • Crack nice.

  • Crew Love

    @Khalid Golding it’s not just about being first at everything. the way you do it matters too. smh

  • Black Shady

    hes still a rapper? i thought he was a crackhead now….

  • dll32

    reminds me of nick cannon…

  • Crakk was always one of the nicest of the State Property crew, along with Young chris, and beanie sigel of course, but i wonder how he REALLY living now-a days. … hope all is well with him :{

  • gammaboi

    If French Montana could actually rap…

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @mitch. The whole S.P. crew was nice. All them dudes could rap.

  • Alex

    I like this dude. Always had a nice flow and delivery. I would sign him.