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  • Z

    Are 50 cent and Lloyd Banks still cool? Seems as though 50 stopped fucking with him after Kanye went and said Banks was in his top 3 or whatever and put him on that GOOD Friday song.

  • Gambino

    sounds like it’s time to hang it up fif

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This should be nice. The BIG 10 Mixtape was str8.

  • 50’s advocate

    Banks doing his own thing right now, 50 is busy with his so I don’t think they’re in some kind of beef. It’s just everybody on his own. After 50’s record and maybe Yayo’s record, they’ll eventually come with another G-Unit album. But if Banks was quitting G-Unit, then it’s a wrap!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Its funny to me example Bleek and Jay arent always together 24/ 7 i dont think there is a beef or problem. But if Banks & FIF arent hanging out together there is a problem?

  • Black Shady

    Banks IS G-Unit till the end. stop with the “are they still cool?” yes they are

  • marlo

    should be heat for the summer 50 mixtape always come with the heat more than his albums

  • The Truth

    Rap Radar comments are at A all time low. In the last two months we saw dramatic drop in comments. THIS SITE IS DEAD!

  • True

    At this SXSW showcase he got mad cuz the Young crowd were not fuckin w/ GRODT like that. He was like “Oh its like that? Its not what you’ve done its what are you doing now huh?” There and then I knew he’d be motivated to bring some new shit up asap. I don’t blame the generation much tho. I mean I didn’t fuck w/ music that came before me as much as music I grew up listening to, reason why GRODT is one of my favorites of all time. Gangsta grillz sounds very un50centlike but I guess when the going gets tough…

  • True

    @The Truth, yet you’re up on here. Yall hate on a blog but stay on it? That shit doesn’t even make sense. I may not agree with opinion of YN and B.Dot but you gotta admit this site is pretty awesome and on point.

  • True

    Lol at how Black Shady and Zoomzoom fag got in their feelings over the Banks comment. All of G-Unit were at 50’s SXSW showcase, shit even Kidd Kidd performed, Yayo too but Banks was absent. I wonder if they’re still cool.

  • The Truth

    @True Actully Im never on this site. I use to fuck with a year ago when they were on top of things and less bias. I just came on here to see if they had anything that other blgs didn’t but they didn’t. Rap Radar is always late on news. They also dick ride Rick Ross and Jay-Z.

  • The Truth

    I see @True is the troll on RR. what ever happen to @SoIcyBoi

  • o.g philly(215)

    @truth he dickridin ova @ hiphopdx

  • Get Real

    Building momentum … seeing your boss parlaying w/ your “enemy” will motivate you to do things b/c right now 50 is taking all kinds of Ls to William Roberts.

  • brollya

    cant wait for the mixtape…. to avoid the haters is to say nothin to em cuz they a be talkin to they self

  • qbeezy

    i dont know anyone sitting around waiting for new g unit music

  • first Gangsta Grillz in a long time, i’ll check out

  • MegaMind

    I’m going to have to cosign @TheTruth…he’s right, the comments have dropped off on here considerably…but you know why that is…is bc they actually FILTER what comments they allow on the site. They don’t let everything through. I despise NahRight, however they do allow all comments even when most of them have nothing to do with the post those comments are in!
    RR has the same 5 commenters in most of their threads – Donn, Mac Diesel, Black Shady, ZoomZoom Otis and like a few more. When cats come in these threads and drop the real, RR don’t really allow the posts. I know they log ISP#s and allow certain ppl through without shutting down ppl who have a comment against RR or the unknown, garbage and same 3-5 acts they post.

    No hate…just facts


  • do it Fif … and do it right !

  • HR

    Z: 50 was in the studio when Banks made the Start it up song with Kanye. They are all cool. Banks will be on the Whoo Kid show this week and thisis50.com is promoting his new song with a banner at the top. Banks is just on tour. So everything is cool between them.

  • 50cent rap career is done….He’s one of the most simplistic rappers I ever heard,This man rhymes gun with run literally in his music.

    50cent 2003-2007

  • V.S

    50 and drama ? this shit bout to be a movie…..

    everyone who was hating on fif, bout to jump back on the wagon after they hear the heat he bout to drop. G UNIT !!

  • Pimp Squad Raw

    50 as dead as his mother. This shit gonna be whack and I ain’t even hating like that.

    Can’t hope for him not to ruin his legacy but he already done that with the corny love songs and the techno pop shit.

  • bylaw99

    I’ve never witnessed so much hate for a rapper its funny how the proven real niggas get hated while the proven fakers get all the love……HIPHOP IS TRULY DYING! I miss the 90s.

  • frank

    50 cent the real nigga like ross say watch the real nigga celebrate 50 cent

  • 50 and Dj Drama you know its gonna be hot i fucks with both G-G-G-Unit AMG bitch i’ve patiently waiting for that there 50 smart move you did

  • oakland73rd

    50 just need to get back on his grind before he dropped get rich or die trying so he can reign over this fake niggas in hip-hop

  • County Of Kings

    @bylaw99 how in the fuck did 50 prove to you that he is a real nigga? his curly wigs and cartoons were soo hood. his nickname booboo is so hood, the fact that he stole the real 50cent name and ran wit it just like rick ross proves he is sooooo real. ok playa

    anyway. if gangsta grillz dont save this nigga nothing will. i’m tellin yall unless he gets a kanye produced album hiphop fans will not support 50. and if banks doesnt jump ship he will sink with it. its not being disloyal, he is hot, he is nice, the label doesnt even exist right now. his talent and career cant be put on hold until they figure out which direction they going in with shawty lo and paulie d. banks should leave the label, not on some beef shit, on some i need to get while i’m still hot and popular cuz after another year or two wit no heat from banks, the fans will have moved on.

  • killzone

    Don Trip. Guerrilla. Gansta Grillz mixtape a INSTANT CLASSIC

  • Tru Talk

    I miss the 90’s and early 2000’s.. All the real niggaz like 50 get hated on and all the fake mothufuckas get all
    the luv

  • Real music

    @County of kings your a fucking hater banks should leave the label hahahaha you woudlnt even know who banks is if it wasint for 50 now that That’s real …. being a boss…!! making something from nothing..

  • mack

    SMH @ these haters lol
    Everything from Fifty since 1999 has been ill. Whether its Power Of The Dollar or The Big 10!

    Think About It People, Enough With The G-Unit Hate…. ITS 2012!!

  • ymcmb

    i wanna him to do well especially with the africa shit but im skeptical

  • huh

    50 did himself dirty, talking all that cocky mess when he was poppin. son was a sore winner, nobody wanna see that person win, he shoulda humbled himself more when he had the chance.
    all that talk about sales fucked him over in the end. plus his songwriting fell way the fuck off, the whole face of music changed during the late 00’s, soon as tall tees went out of fashion so did fif.
    anybody says different is prolly them ol dudes you see at the bus stop rockin they mitchell and ness crazy color fitted and matching xxxxl jersey like its still 02. fuck skinny jeans tho

  • FIf still gone some heat commin from him, like some of the SK tracks (ok it’s only 2), but the consistency is not there. like his head blows up from time to time and you get “Outlaw” or “I’m on it” like wtf ..

    Fif, get your shit together as far as music goes and release only the really really good ones. aaaaigh ?!

  • V

    Thumbs up.

  • umaaaaad

    lol @ big10.the recycle bin ate good with that one.

  • NoSoup4Yu


  • Virus

    You can say whatever tha fuck you want about 50, but you can’t deny this dude comes with dope material every year whether it’s his solo records or collaborations.

  • Saadk24

    @Z yes they are still cool!! this short interview here can make things clear for you.. its banks talking about the Kanye tweet and then 50 cent comes in… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4Bg0W07x-w&feature=related

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