Big Sean’s “A$$” Goes Double Platinum

Hate to say it, but told ya so. According to the RIAA, Big Sean’s single “A$$” has recently

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  • !!!!

  • MVP

    Big Sean’s face = U Mad?

    The fact that this went double platinum is fucked up doe.

  • Cartman

    Big Sean’s ass went double platinum = now he lays golden eggs

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Journalism At It Finest…

  • M.T

    This song was garbage. Only good thing that came from this song was the video. Big Sean is wack now.

  • Young Lucky

    gottdamn man you niggas LIVE (and type) JUST to hate. be proud for the lil nigga. he could be another candidate out there ready to rob your stupid asses. his album was a lot better than i thought itd be, props to their team

  • StatFlow

    Young Lucky, your attempts at making BSean a sympathetic figure or one to be defended from “hate” fail. Be proud of the nigga? For what? Putting out a song that promotes a lifestyle of being a slut to the young female listeners out there? Yes, clap for the man.

    Fucking idiots out here man.

  • tune OUT

    too bad i’ve never heard of this niggadum shit

  • Congats.proud of Sean.He had a great year
    Redman and Loch on that loud pack.Collab coming soon: via @youtube

  • the music industry is really fucked up, how can this trash go plantinum

  • Donn

    Any man who hates Big Sean for this song is a bitch. U know how much twerk niggas get off this shit in the club???? If anything yall should thank the nigga. He made it for bitches to dance? Whats bad about that? Lol u niggas is funny. Sean is that nigga. Mad chill, humble and works hard.

  • firealarm

    Finally Famous wasn’t a bad album and A$$ was obviously for the club & radio which it has successfully reached. Stop being so close-minded.

  • Ricky Retardo

    DEAD @ that pic

  • e

    loch i been waitin on that loud pack for a min whens the release date?

  • Splash

    Good for him. Song isn’t that great though.

    p.s mac DIESEL wishes he was nicki minaj in that freeze frame.

  • Hard work pay off idgaf wht the songs about he put forth the effort he deserve the reward

  • the void

    those nickki manaj banners on the main page look like a 5 year old made them.

  • ACE

    This is the Nicki Manaj we allllll want to see!! The normal one

  • Coolest Pic Ever!!

  • Collar Cali

    That’s whats up Sean! Nicki definitely help make this possible 2.

  • West side lover

    I didn’t even know it went platinum let alone double platinum. Damn congrats to Big Sean. Now its time for a gold or platinum album boi

  • huh

    i hope son is caking off this one way or another, tired of hearing about successful “sales” but the artist broke as fuck and in debt to a label

  • Word

    The only thing im mad about is that, this guys album was actually decent but ppl will only ever remember him for this A$$ song and wont care that his album as shit like Memories II, Dont Tell me You love Me, etc etc. This song and Marvin Gay and Chardonnay completely buried My Last. It sucks that Big Sean had to be THAT artist. And THATS why he flopped. Ppl dont support THAT artist. The dude that just thinks lifes a big ass (no pun intended) party. Hes really not, but shoutout to the folks that only downloaded this track off his album and threw the other good tracks away. As long as we getting head to this track, YOLO right? Smh