Crooked I Freestyle At Best Buy Theater

At most of Slaughterhouse’s shows, Crooked I is known to spit a dope freestyle. And last night at the Best Buy Theater was no exception as he went on for nearly five minutes. That martial/Marshall artist line was kinda slick. Ha!


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  • The Truth

    Dope freestyle? In whose eyes? The people that are close friends with Crooked I and have a biased opinion? This was not impressive at all. Think about it. Any artist can usually pull off this sort of crowd reaction to any freestyle. This was mediocre at best. Maybe if Joell Ortiz got some shine I would agree. Crooked I, the freestyle was aiight, step your pen game up. You in New York City, the home of hip-hop. Come correct or dont come at all. Peace.

    The Truth Will Set You Free

  • @thetruth stfu faggot

  • Pimp Squad Raw

    @ The Truth this 2K12 fuck outta here with that “NY home of hip-hop” shit. Midwest > West > East/South right now. Yeah the west ain’t making no noise on the mainstream but the eastcoast shit getting airplay right now is whacker than Tony Yayo’s album. I mean y’all jump on A$AP’s ass cause y’all begging for a new movement. A$AP mediocre on their best day

    Crooked I certified westcoast legend COB holding it down. Dope freestyle. Gibbs & TDE >>>

    Fuck outta here with that Young Money Maybach Music shit. We don’t fuck with that.

  • JustMyOpinion

    Ahhhhh man rappers don’t do this anymore: freestyle.

    “In the same basement that Biggie had your daughter tied up”
    “I’m in my hoody tonigh, R-I-P Trayvon”

    SMH………Slaughterhouse. *sigh* nice.

  • The Truth

    NY is the home of hip-hop. I am not claiming we on top. But you dont go to the poker table without knowing how to play. Crooked I failed on that freestyle. You may disagree cause you Crooked fans or Slaughterhouse fans, but Crooked I is wack.

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ this guy wants attention. Okay, I just gave it to you. Smh

  • C’mon Son

    First thing first, NOT a Freestyle, Just random bars. Not off the top or even new, its the same FLOW from FMF, or SxSW, or Miami, Or any other show, why RR keeps posting it is simple, they dont listen to rap they just skim through it.

    Second @ The Truth NY is NOT on top, maybe number 2 or 3 but that is not the top. Also nobody here is “Close friends” of Crooked I, Just Fans

    @ Crooked I, Switch the flow up homie, not because its bad, it is a great flow. The Blogs are over saturating this flow, cause they are not fans of rap, they are journalists that didnt cut it with real news or sports. Just call it Rap Reporter, cuz the radar is a bit off

  • nush

    im sorry we dont care where hell ur from..if ur saying crooked is wack i honestly feel sorry for u and ur parents.come on really?

  • NextUp

    cosign nush…
    @TheTruth..smh you fuckin crazy to say crookeds wack niggah crawl back under a rock son


    Yall need a age verification on here, these lil squirts dont no ISH!

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  • jamesrowdy29

    I like Crooked I but this is the same freestyle he put the crowd to sleep with at the SXSW festival, the crowd started booing him. This is weak and awkward in my opinion. I bet he performs this same freestyle everywhere he goes.

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