Diggy On First Week Album Sales

When it comes to record sales, Diggy’s debut Unexpected Arrival, unexpectedly tanked. But Rev’s baby boy isn’t fazed. He tells Karen Civil that he’s happy his album’s out and the impact it has on his fans. Help a brotha out and cop it here.

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  • ATL_XL

    They really thought the rich suburban teen was gonna score?

  • herohiro

    Welp alls well it ends well

  • firealarm

    LOL who did he think was gonna be buying his album?? Hell, how many people even listened to it?

  • Hahahahahahahahaha

  • The Truth

    Diggy just because you scored an AT&T commercial and is the son of Mr. SImmons, that does not mean it will translate to album sale. You have to put more time into this game before you can have people that care about you. I hear your music and all I think of is “who is this boy”? You have done nothing to separate yourself from the rest. You remind me of Cory Gunz. A good amount of talent that nobody is checkin for. Put more music out, stop trying to cater to what the labels want you to sound like. Otherwise your career will be over before it started.

    The Truth Will Set You Free!

  • JustMyOpinion

    Blah blah blah. In fairness, poor album sales doesn’t reflect a weak album because there are a lot albums that don’t sell that are great.

    WITH THAT SAID, if you’re a terrible rapper then you’re a terrible rapper. He had NO buzz, no single and NO “REAL” fan following. I can’t front listening to his excuses were HILARIOUS.

    WAIT did he just put his album in the SAME category as REASONABLE DOUBT?

  • firealarm

    Also, did he just compare his album to REASONABLE DOUBT??? FUCK OUTTA HERE DIGGY

  • The Truth

    Diggy saw 21,000 and went home crying back to daddy and mommy. Cmon son admit it you are wack. Go flip burgers, this rap game too hard for you. Find your lane and be like Drake or get the hell out of the rap game’s kitchen!

    The Truth Will Set You Free

  • @justmyopinion he has 2 singles they play a lot in ATL and he’s been number 1 or at least top 5 on 106 and park for a while.It seemed like he would do good in the youth market.
    Loch Drake Headlines freestyle music video Featured on http://artists.viewhiphop.com/?p=2190

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Diggy sold more his first wk then Triple C’s.

  • The_Dynasty

    I knew he was going to flop when his pops said he’s like a young Nas and Chris Lightly said nope he’s like a young LL Cool J and he drop songs sounding like Drake’s songs. I mean look at his album cover and he was clearly marketed to teeny boppers and the teeny boppers was like……”ehhh”

  • poetic assasin

    If he sold a lot yall would have said his dad called in favors .lose lose either way

  • game face

    this nigga said hes haven an impact on ppls life…. hell nah

    born rich dont inspire ppl thats tryna get rich or be successful… it was handed to u… you’ll never have the type of impact thata jayz or 50 or jeezy have on ppl… or ne person that was once at the very bottom….

  • WohsNeerg

    CAAAAMON. did anybody really expect anything else?

  • I’ll say that I expected more, not like 80-100k numbers but definitely more.
    Because he went more of the pop, cleaner, friendly route–I figured the radio disney, justin bieber kids would eat this shit up.

  • C’mon Son

    He really just compared himself or his debut album to Jay-Z and Reasonable Doubt? About Growth, Jay has grown since his Debut but his music has never been better then Reasonable Doubt, so your whole growth speech is wack. Growth??? you even got pubes yet homie?

  • Unexpectedly? The only place it was Unexpected was………….RUNS HOUSE!

  • next

    fukk outta here, kid hahaahahah


  • Protektah X

    Maybe his album flopped but he’s still eat good though.

  • Donn

    If he would have sold alot, yall would have hated regardless. There are tons of albums that didnt sell well but were good albums. I find it disgusting for u guys to want a 16 year old to fail when he’s just following his dreams. If your son wanted to rap and u read all these comments u wud be furious

  • alex

    @Donn, well said homie


  • quese

    say what u want 2 say diggy’s album was very impressive I think its was Perth’s 4 the kid I think he will get better and better stop hating on the kid ppl

  • smitty

    Define “unexpectedly”

  • Cole World

    A lot of hate just because the dude grew up wealthy. I don’t see how that should take away from his lyrical ability or creativity. Drake was a actor on degrassi but he gets respect? I’m not saying that diggy is incredible or anything, but he is still very young and has time to shape his craft. Honestly, the kid is above average when compared to today’s MC’s (2 chains, lil b, soulja boy, waka flaka, gucci man, etc.). It would be different if the kid was rapping about being hood and shit. People just want to hate out of pure jealousy.

  • Chosen One 11

    needed a big name feature or two and maybe a bigger single

  • FukUrOpinion

    Album was decent, but nothing really stood out. It was kind of boring. I think his style and subject matter don’t apply to the common man. He needs to dig deeper and find a sound ppl can relate too. Stop jacking Drake, Pharell and Lupe. It’ comes off as fake or generic. Again I thought the album was cool but it has no replay value.

  • NoChildNOTToday

    His music is weak. Those 21,000 units that were sold is probably what Rev bought up off the shelves so he would at least chart.

    He should come out as the first rich gay teen rapper. It would be more believable.

  • alex

    Seen his videos, it just seems like it’s an act. He seems fake. Lyrically he’s DECENT at best, like Cold World said, above average rappers THESE DAYS. I wouldn’t cop his cd, he sounds annoying. I’d give it a listen though or bootleg it, he just doesn’t appeal to me.


  • M.T

    weak sales doesnt mean weak album. Half of yall who commented didnt even listen to his album. And he compared his album sales to Reasonable Doubt AND Bruno Mar’s album which is completely reasonable but the difference is those made a bigger impact over time. His album will not. He’s a good rapper who can get better but he needs to steadily build his fan base.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Jay was right you gotta grind & make music people can relate to & subsequently care about, or at least make hot records, the way i see it i think Atlantic just wants to drop him, all his singles flopped so they knew he was gonna tank so they just rushed the project to be done with it , also am i the only one who had no idea this kid dropped his album ??

  • ARB

    Diggy was barely born when Reasonable Doubt came out. I dont hate on the kid, but comparing your album to jay’s shit is dumb. Plus the kid is a copy paste of two established artists (drake and justin bieber) which means if the young generation didn’t appeal to it, then your career is over before it even started.

  • Mook

    this is why RR comments never take off because it’s nothing but obnoxious ass commenters on this site. and for no reason. his album has some cool tracks on it stop hating.

  • Fuck Swag

    It’s just his first album and plus he is still young he is not gonna quit and he can always improve. But fuck that rich kid I gotta go to school and shit to make an honest living and he just decides fuck it I wanna be a rapper. Ya I’m hating.

  • Mag

    1.2 million twitter followers can’t even sell 25k…

    Seriously , a ‘kid’ rapper is only going to get the young teen female demo. No one else is going to consider buying his album even if they like his songs when they hear it on the radio. It just wouldn’t cross people minds. But his sales are still too low.

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    I expect the same outcome for the Smith kids…

  • Devante

    Wow I expecting no less than 80k first week.

  • TheyKnow

    Still more than his brother JoJo

  • mac DIESEL

    @ B.Dot

    “help a brotha out and cop it here”




  • Real Life

    with the amount of exposure this kid have, its a wrap. should consider acting…

  • not diggyin it

    not even gonna pretend like i’ve heard anything from this at all. BUT. this lil bitch needs to realize how awkward and gay he looks growing up in front of our eyes. no one made you put an album out. try coming out with some music when you have some perspective on life and don’t look like justin bieber’s black tranny cousin, and maybe you’ll have more success.

  • rorybellows

    Quite a bit of hate here. The way I see it, this kid was handed nothing, not like JoJo was for sure. He put out three mixtapes, created a buzz online first..caught Kanye’s attention (take that with a grain of salt I suppose)…got a record deal, put in work touring, created a decent fanbase, and stayed in the public eye (especially on BET). So seeing those numbers would definitely be unexpected. I listened to the album and it’s ok, he is reaching though with the material. The kid has a solid flow and he’ll pick up steam with time. My two cents.

  • realitycheckrc

    He cant let this stop him tho. He has to keep grinding and put that follower base to work. He’s ok. And being that he is who he is, being signed to a Major is just icing on the cake. He’s fine.

  • Mike Jones


  • Black thought

    Yall niggas stroking hard over this…damn. Like a hate orgy. And yes, celebrating the fact that someone failed ONCE so far is considered hate in all 52 states.

  • oakland73rd


  • DJ Envy

    Did this fuck nigga just compare his shit to Reasonable Doubt.

    Fuck Run DMC, fuck Diggy

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    lol trying to relate to reasonable doubt, rite….lulllzlzl

  • ACE

    HE COULD HAVE SOLD MORE, if he would have released better singles. his album aint THAT bad, he got songs on there that would have had a bigger impact on people and gained him more fans, but instead, he chose to go the jeremiah route with the generic R&B/ poppy single -it got him some 106& park love, but thats it…..better luck next time lil homie

  • huh?

    “unexpectedly” tanked….who the fuck did you think was checking for that? nobody gives a fuck about this dude. a bunch of dudes in the industry suck each other off and pretend diggy is hot in the streets cuz you may dj or have a blog but NOBODY fucks with this dude. comparing himself to jay z…lol…gtfoh

  • get bucks


  • G

    FUCKING GARABAGE!!!!!!! sTRAIGHT TRASH…. im not hating its fact!

    He was given the opportunity… I mean his dad is Rev Run, his uncle is Russell, his manager is Chris Lighty who has had a relationship with Def Jam for over a decade… I mean come on

    With allllllllll that help he still couldnt win…. SHAKING MY FUCKING HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! THIS KID IS A LOSER WITH ALL THE WINNER OPPORTUNIties…. HA!

  • “This kid is a loser with winner opportunities” hahaha that’s a good one

  • K.O

    LMAOO!!! I doubt people even downloaded this shit illegally…

  • Who What

    Well REASONABLE DOUBT sold little because Jay Z didn’t care about singles or mainstream success..he was aiming to drop a story and a classic. But Diggy’s album was filled with nothing but Mainstream songs even the beats were candy coated lol..

  • TheCool

    Smh. Nicki Minaj, Wiz, Ross, etc. come out with some bullshit and yu all jump on their dick. I’m not a fan of Diggy but this dude is more talented then half the jokes on this site. Yu all need to check your perception on what yu think is “real”. This whole game is fake, so stop with the “real/fake” trash. Hip Hop, is just pop nowadays.

  • ????

    Diggy *smirk* Cmon Diggy we ALL know who you really are let’s not try and pretend twas only a couple years ago LMFAO

  • ????

    ” Can

  • cheddar bob, bitch

    right… “unexpected”

  • MrsSimmons4Eva

    First ima need all yall bitches to quit da damn hatn.Diggy is doin da t he can so bck da
    fuck off.

  • stop hatin

    Why hate on the kid ? he’s just tryna make his dreams come true .

  • raudi

    People commented saying everyone is hating?? NO, that excuse is old. This dude just needs to realize he was born rich, who the fuck is that inspiring? Music is decent…comparable to a lot of other stuff out. But nothing special, never will be. Also, trying to be Drakes twin a little too hard