Bootleg Kev Interviews DJ Drama

Bootleg Kev interviewed his first radio personality. Drama spoke on his new single, his favorite mixtapes, the likes and dislikes of the mixtape game including his distaste of re-releases without DJ drops.

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  • Johnny Walker

    No listeners want dj drops on tapes anyway. Drama ruins good tapes.

  • Scrilla


  • Black Shady

    Whoo Kid….always bringing the track back. it gets annoying…

    Drama…always yellin and shouting everybody out in every song. gets annoying

    gimme a mixtape with no DJ drops bruh!

  • yueknow

    so here Drama just said… he has rappers on the song… and a producer gave him a beat. So what did he do? Come up with the “concept”? Of “We in this?” Sounds an awful lot like “WE THE BEST”

  • YN is a HERB

    funny, this asshole calls it a mixtape when he dont use turntables nor does he actually mix his records…..not to mention whenever you hear him dj , the music suck but he rocks the mic. SOme of these djs are just wanna be rappers. they disrespect the artform of djing.